Ballebaazi Fantasy Sports Quiz: Play the Quiz and Win Real Cash

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BalleBaazi Fantasy Sports Quiz

We have written many articles on quizzes like Amazon quiz answers, Oyo quiz answers, and now today, I am writing an article on the Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz. The main specialty of this Ballebaazi quiz is your winning entirely depends on your knowledge of the sports and how fast you answer. In other apps quizzes, it’s based on many factors like a lucky draw. The Ballebaazi sports quiz is similar to the league structures on fantasy cricket and fantasy football. They will have their own Fantasy Cricket, and Fantasy Football quiz contests on BalleBaazi and winners can earn real cash online daily. You can also check our post on BalleBaazi Referral code and App Download to Get a 50rs signup bonus.

Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz

Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz

Key Features of Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz

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Why Fantasy Sports Quiz?

There are many factors to choose this fantasy sports quiz for the Fantasy cricket lovers and fantasy football lover, I will quote some of them here

  • Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, There is no guarantee of having some actual games happening for a certain period of time with our sports, so this quiz may help in loving our sports more.
  • While playing the game we can increase our knowledge.
  • If you are good at Fantasy cricket and fantasy football, this is the right time to make some good money by using this quiz it’s completely based on sports knowledge and skills.
  • Just answer 5 simple questions and earn money!! of course, you need to invest some money but if you trust your sports knowledge it does not matter.

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How to Play the Ballebaazi sports quiz contest?

  • Open the BalleBaazi app and choose the Cricket Quiz under the Upcoming matches and click on the play now.
    ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz play button

    Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz play button

  • Now choose your type of quiz you want to play and click on play.
    Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz league selection

    Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz league selection

  • And now pay the league amount to enter the quiz.
    Ballebaazi quiz amount payment

    Ballebaazi quiz amount payment

  • In this step choose your preferred Quiz Language.
    quiz league selection

    Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz league selection


  • Now Ballebaazi application will Provide a game with an opponent.
  • That’s it now play the quiz, answer fast, and win attractive prizes.
    Playing quiz contest

    Playing Ballebaazi quiz

Note:- You can also rejoin the league unlimited times by paying after the completion of every league.

Click here to play the Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz

Video Guide:-

Types of Leagues available on the Ballebaazi app

  • Dynamic Leagues
  • Static Leagues
  • Classical
  • Batting League
  • Bowling League
  • Quiz
  • Virtual Game

Dynamic Leagues

  • The maximum number of the player who can enter the league is 5 (user count may vary from 2 – 5 players).
  • The maximum prize pool is written in the to which can be divided among the players
  • If there are 2 players then 1 player will be the winner and if the number of players is 5 then there will be 3 winners in the game.
  • All the information related to the Dynamic league will be available on the second screen i.e., the Winning distribution screen and when the user reaches the Quiz interface than within 30 sec depending on the number of players joined the Quiz League the winning distribution will be visible and if no one joined then the user will have to try again and money will be refunded to the user.
  • Denoted by tab D on the Quiz League

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Static Leagues

  • The static league will act as normal leagues with the defined prize pool. If the card says 6 players, 4 Questions, and 3 winners then all the distribution will be available in the same manner.
  • When 6 players will join then only the match will start and after finishing 4 questions the prize will be distributed among 3 winners.

BalleBaazi Fantasy sports quiz formats

  • Headsup
  • 3way
  • 4way
  • No Bonus Timer
  • No BB-Coins

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Instruction and rules to play Quiz contest

  • It is a real-time multiplayer quiz competition played with real money.
  • You will be asked questions based on the topic you choose.
  • Your opponent will be chosen randomly.
  • Each player will get the same questions and the player will get Rs.10 to answer each question.
  • If there is a tie then the equal prize money is distributed among all winners.
  • Winner will be the one who answers more correct answers in less time.
  • If a user quits the game in between or minimizes the app while the quiz is being played then his score will become 0 and other players can keep going and the winner will be decided among those.
  • There are no bots or dummy players playing the match with you.
  • If you leave a quiz in the middle then all your progress will be lost and the prize will be distributed among players.

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Final words about the Ballebaazi quiz

So we are at the bottom of the article, my personal experience on the Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz is good because of more free time I am playing daily by using my sports knowledge and earning the money now it’s your time, go to the app and start the quiz

I hope I have covered every information about the Ballebaazi fantasy sports quiz if you still have any doubt feel free to comment, we will provide the best solution to your problem if you have.


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