Top Fantasy Cricket Apps In India To Win Real Cash

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Top Fantasy Cricket Apps

Cricket is the love for everyone and especially in India. People can miss the food but not the cricket match. So how if while playing cricket you can earn money. Yes, now it is possible while playing the Top Fantasy Gaming Apps. Well, you can choose anyone and then play to earn money. There are lots of fantasy app in India where you can play and earn together. Here is a list you need to know about it.

top fantasy cricket apps in india

List Of Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps In India

Number Fantasy App Download Referral Code
1 Dream11 Download SLEOW1BC
2 BalleBaazi Download IHD123
3 PlayerzPot Download IHD12345
4 MyTeam11 Download IHDFANTASY
5 My11Circle Download Not Required
6 Howzat Download IHDFANTASY
7 BatBall11 Download CHAMP11
8 Fantasy Power11 Download IHD123
9 MyFab11 Download GET100
10 GoSuper11 Download GET100

Here is the Latest Top 10 Fantasy Cricket App To Win Real Cash.

1. Dream11:

Dream11 IHDDeals Banner

It is the most popular app among Indians because the ads showed the MSD, which is the most favorite player of everyone. You can download the app from the website because it is not available on the Play Store. This app will provide you with the track record of the players. The user can create multiple teams so they can win easily. This app also includes referral codes and other promo codes so the user can earn money while playing single or in a group.

Download Dream11 App

  • Dream11 Referral Code: SLEOW1BC
  • Dream11 Sign-up Bonus: Rs.100
  • Refer Bonus: Rs.100
  • Minimum Withdrawable Amount: Rs.200

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2. BalleBazi:

ballebaazi redeem code

It is another fantastic website for cricket lovers. They can play from the website or download the app to play and earn. All they need to do is to register and get the bonus cash back on their wallet. This game offers various promo codes and coupons to make more money. Players can deposit their amount for playing and get the coupon codes for 100% cashback in their wallets. The game is straightforward and fun-loving so that you can play it by yourself or with a group of friends.

Download BalleBaazi App

  • BalleBaazi Promo Code:  IHD123
  • Sign up Bonus: Rs.50
  • Referral Bonus: Rs.50
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.200

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3. Playerzpot

PlayerzPot IHDdeals banner

This website is very old but famous because it provides the Signup Bonus to their users. As you finish the signup process, you’ll get the Rs. 100 in your wallet immediately. Well, if any of your friends use the referral code for registration, then you’ll get the 10% referral earning extra as a bonus. The interface of the game is fantastic, and the payout process is very easy for customers.

 Download PlayerzPot Fantasy App 

  • PlayerzPot Refer Code: IHD12345
  • PlayerzPot Sign up Bonus: up to rs. 100
  • PlayerzPot Referral Bonus: 10% On Every Referral
  • Minimum Withdrawable Amount: Rs.200

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4. MyTeam11:

MyTeam11 IHDdeals Banner

Well for cricket lovers this is another game while they can earn up to Rs. 500 after winning the tough tournament. Users also get the signup amount Rs. 50 on their wallet. For inviting the friend, the user can earn Rs. 100 easily and while winning the tournaments, they can earn various promo codes and coupons for cashback and other points. In this game, also the user can easily select multiple teams for winning.

 Download MyTeam11 App 

  • Refer Code: IHDFANTASY
  • Sign up Bonus: Rs.100
  • Referral Bonus: Rs.50
  • Minimum Withdrawable Amount: Rs.200

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5. My11Circle

My11Circle Referral Link

It is not so famous game among others which makes it unique. Due to fewer users, this game is straightforward to play, and the payment problems are not in this app. You can play this game and earn money as you want. All you need to do is download and install the app now to create an account to enjoy the cashback. As usual, use the referral code and earn money.

Download My11Circle App 

  • My11Circle Refer Code:  Not Required
  • My11Circle Sign up Bonus: up to Rs.500
  • My11Circle Referral Bonus: up to Rs.500
  • Minimum Withdrawable Amount: Rs.100

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6. Howzat

Howzat referral code

Howzat is another fantastic gaming app for cricket and football lovers. This game has lots of users because it provides two types of different games to its users. In this game, the user can earn up to Rs. 250 while using the referral code and if they share it with their friends, then they can earn up to Rs. 250 easily. Other things will depend on the skill of playing.

  • Howzat Sign-up Link: Click Here
  • Howzat Refer Code: IHDFANTASY
  • Howzat Sign up Bonus: Rs.250
  • Howzat Referral Bonus: Rs.250
  • Minimum Withdrawable Amount: Rs.200

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7. BatBall11

BatBall11 IHDDeals Banner

It is similar to the above gaming app, but it provides more chances to win the prizes and the real cash on the account. While signing up the User gets Rs. 100 on the wallet. In this game, the user can play national and international matches and earn money as much as they play using their skills.

Download BatBall11 Apk App

  • BatBall11  Referral Code: CHAMP11
  • BatBall11 Sign up Bonus: Rs.100
  • BatBall11 Referral Bonus: Rs.100
  • Minimum Withdrawable Amount: Rs.200
  • Special Offer: Get 100% Bonus On Your First Deposit up to Rs.50

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8. Fantasy Power 11

fantasy power11 referral code

This game is quite different because the user can easily win the Rs. 20 while signing up using the referral code. They can earn more while playing and using cash prizes. The game also provides many promotional offers to the user, and they can choose their team to play whenever they want. The amount can be transferred using the Paytm or other bank details.

Download Fantasy Power-11 App

  • Fantasy Power11 Referral Code: IHD123
  • Sign up Amount: Rs.20
  • Refer And Earn: Rs.20 + 10% Lifetime
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.200

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9. MyFab11

MyFab11 banner

This game provides some credits to create a team, and the online game has two formats to play. The open contest welcomes everyone to play, and private matches allow the limited number of members. The selection of members depends on how usual they are playing the game. It also depends on their credit score. You can take participate but before that prepare the high credit score.

Download MyFab11

  • Myfab11 Referral Code: GET100
  • Myfab11 App Sign up Amount: Rs.100

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10. GoSuper11

GoSuper11 Banner

As gaming apps are getting famous people are searching for more such games. This is one of them. Here also users can earn money while creating multiple cricket teams and participating in various tournaments. The user can also play in the groups.

Download GoSuper11

  • GoSuper11 Referral Code: GET100
  • GoSuper11 App Sign up Amount: Rs. 100

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Well, all games are mostly similar, like create accounts to get cashback and build teams to play leagues and tournaments. In some gaming, only 1 team is allowed to create, but in some apps, the user can create multiple teams to earn more. So choose wisely.