[Full Process] How To Become Zomato Delivery Boy In India | Timing | Salary | Career

Become Zomato Food Delivery Boy[Full Process] How To Become Zomato Delivery Boy In India | Timing | Salary | Career

Become Zomato Food Delivery Boy In India – As you know food delivery apps are growing rapidly in this tech era. Zomato and Swiggy app is a big player in this field. After getting success in this field they are providing exciting discounted deals and coupons. While they are growing and expanding their business in India, they are creating huge job opportunities for everyone, but how? To create a monopoly many people are working to make it real.

To run an app there is an app developer, software engineer, support executives to help customers solve their queries, etc. So they got a job as per their qualification in these types of apps.

How To Become Zomato Food Delivery Boy In India

Apart from engineers, there is one more job that can’t be ignored and also it’s a trunk of food delivery apps, the company will not be able to grow their business without these persons, Do you wanna know who they are? The hard-working delivery persons. Yes, food delivery companies are all because of their delivery partners.

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Many peoples want a full time or part-time job to earn some money. Most of the delivery persons are poor or students who just want to ease off their burden from parent’s shoulders. Now you must be thinking about “How To Become Zomato Food Delivery Boy”. Well, that’s what we are going to discuss in this article with a crystal clear process.

Just a quick review on what we are going to discuss in this article, I will explain the full process of how to become a zomato delivery person, what are the salaries provided by zomato, what documents you should have, what should be your age, etc

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What is Zomato All About?

Zomato is a food delivery startup founded by Deepinder Goyal in 2008. It connects restaurants and small kitchens to provide food without going to a restaurant. In the old days, we were going to a restaurant and getting a menu list to select food to order and also going to a restaurant was also an inconvenience thing.

So, Deepinder thought why should we go to a restaurant to get food when everything is going online then why can’t restaurants.

Become Zomato Food Delivery Boy

That’s how zomato was born, he partnered with some small restaurants and started his food delivery app named Zomato which was the first food delivery app of India. He expanded his business in other cities and partnered with some more restaurants which were in other cities.

Now Zomato is serving in 24 countries and more than 10,000 cities. Zomato is now available on play store and you can easily download and browse their app. you can search for your nearest city where zomato is available and get a menu online in the app of different restaurants serving in your city. Zomato always tries to deliver high-quality food to their customer.

Requirements to Join as a Zomato Delivery Boy?

There is a straight forward process to join as a Zomato Delivery Job. What you have to do is just visit your nearest Zomato office and tell them you want to join as a delivery person. They will provide a form, just fill those necessary things in joining form.

After that, you will be taken to a seminar where they will teach you, how to use the zomato app, how to behave in front of a customer, what should be your main goal when you are working as a delivery person. There are some documents and other needy things that will be required to join as a zomato delivery boy.

  • Vehicle (Bike should be registered on your name, if not then get a no-objection certificate(NOC) from the owner of the vehicle )
  • A Valid Driving License
  • Smartphone with working internet and zomato app is downloaded
  • Insurance
  • Aadhar or Ration  Card
  • Bank account to receive a salary
  • PAN Card
  • Photocopy of Bank Passbook
  • Canceled cheque
  • Qualification – 10th Pass
  • There is no age limit but you should be 18+ to get your driving license

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Find your nearest Zomato office and submit your all details after filling the joining form. After training, you will be provided with a kit which includes a minimum of two t-shirts and a delivery bag. To get those kits you have to pay minimum Rs. 500-1500 (can vary from time to time) as a refundable deposit of your t-shirt and bag. After that, your submitted documents will be carried for verification. After full verification of your documents, you will get your joining letter to work as Zomato Food Delivery Boy. Also, your Zomato Delivery app will be activated and you can track your all payments and delivery, incentives, etc.

Working Time of Zomato Food Delivery Boy

Working time of Zomato delivery Boy

There is no fixed time for the zomato delivery person. You will be asked which will be a perfect time to work but you have to work a minimum of five hours daily. This time can be increased but can’t be decreased so choose a perfect time for yourself. The delivery boy has to work for a total of 6 days including Friday, Saturday and Sunday but can take the rest of 1 day from Monday to Thursday but not on weekends.

Zomato is all about how fast you can travel and deliver an order. It all depends on the total order and user rating. Users rating also plays an important role in your zomato salary, that’s why you are given a full training of how to behave in front of customers. You can choose the best time but the recommended time is 6 PM to 11 PM, where you get more orders to deliver. When you complete almost 12-15 order you will get incentives apart from your total salary from zomato.

Salary of a Zomato Delivery Boy

Zomato salary is not fixed, you will get your money on total order count with an incentive if you are eligible. There is a fixed distance pay like if you delivered an order in around 4.5 -5.5 Km then you will get extra Rs. 10 it goes up to 7.5 Km or above where you will get Rs. 40.

You will get salary on the basis zomato touchpoints system, First one is TP (Pickup-Touchpoint) to pickup restaurant order you will get 1 point and the second one TP is (Drop-Touchpoint) and also sometimes when you get 2 order (multiple order) from the same restaurant then your will be given 1 TP for pick up and 2 TP to drop. you can easily earn up to Rs. 25,000 per monthly by working as Zomato Food Delivery Boy. If you get above 50 orders every day you can easily earn up to Rs. 31,000.

Salary of Zomato Delivery Boy

Other Salary Info for Zomato Delivery Boy

  • You will be paid for Fixed Distance (Drop Distance Pay)
  • Zomato will provide free insurance
  • You need to pay for COD orders to the restaurant then you can only deliver it to the customer.
  • Daily milestone Incentive will be given based on touchpoints
  • Zomato also pay Monthly incentive if you are logged in for 180 hours in a month and delivered a minimum 600 orders
  • Zomato can give you a weekly payment on every Thursday