How To Become Swiggy Delivery Boy | Timing | Salary | Opportunity

Become Swiggy Delivery Boy || How To Become Swiggy Delivery Boy | Timing | Salary | Opportunity

Become Swiggy Delivery Boy in India – Everyone wants to earn extra money apart from their job or other business. Many unemployed people sit at home daily and earning nothing. They don’t know even they have the opportunity to earn money. Delivering food for companies will be a good job for those persons. After getting huge success Swiggy to come up with exciting deals and discount coupons every day which will be helpful for their users.

So, for those who want an urgent job then they can consider a delivery job as a good income source. Earlier we posted How to Become Zomato Delivery Boy you can check it out on our website.

Become Swiggy Delivery Boy

We have discussed all process of getting into a zomato delivery job. Now the same as zomato, we are going to discuss the Swiggy delivery job in this article.

We will discuss how to become a Swiggy delivery boy, incentives, salary, the timing of the job, what documents you should have, what should be your age, etc. So let’s start and read till last so that you can have an idea about how their delivery job system works.

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Swiggy very small at their struggling period. Swiggy was founded in 2014 and started delivering food to few neighborhoods in Bengaluru, India. When they saw a good profit in their profit in Swiggy, they wanted to expand it to more cities.

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What is Swiggy All about?

Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company based out of Bangalore, India. Swiggy was inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighborhood restaurants to the urban foodie. A single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants, Swiggy has its exclusive fleet of delivery personnel to pick up orders from restaurants and deliver it to customers

The company was started in 2014, Now today it has 5,000,000 mobile application installations on play store.

How to Become Swiggy Delivery Partner

It is serving more than 13 cities in India including Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc. You know very well that every startup has to face difficulties for the first time.

Now, Leave the part on what is Swiggy or its story you can read it on google too. Let’s talk on the topic of what purpose we wrote this article. First, we discuss Swiggy Delivery Timing, then the structure of their salary, what requirements would be to get a job as a Swiggy delivery job. also, we will give some extra tips on the Swiggy delivery job.

Timing of Swiggy Delivery Boy

Swiggy takes care of its delivery partners who are working for their company to deliver the order at the correct time. They make you choose your ideal time to work with them because they know that every one their own work to do and no one can work according to them. So, there is no obligation on the delivery timing. But the delivery is divided into two parts, Part-time and Full time.

In Full time you have to work from 8 AM to 6 PM(Morning) and 12 PM to 11 PM(Afternoon). In part-time you have to work in the evening from 7 PM to 11 PM (4 hours) etc. and other parts are given in the table below.


You have two options to choose from a full-time Swiggy delivery job.

Full-Time TimingBreak TimeTotal Hours
8AM - 6PM11AM -12PM9 out of 10 hours
12PM - 11PM4PM-6PM9 out of 11 hours


You have three options to choose from a part-time Swiggy delivery job

Part-Time TimingBreak TimeTotal Hours
12PM - 5PMNo Breaks5 Hours
5:30PM - 10:30PMNo Breaks5 Hours
7PM - 12AMNo Breaks5 Hours

Also, you can choose Saturday and Sunday if you don’t want to work on weekdays or do not have time to work.

Become Swiggy Delivery Boy in India

Swiggy lets you freely choose what time would be suitable for you to work at Swiggy. Because that’s why they have 3 options to choose, the First one is Full-time, the second one is Part-time and also if you don’t want to work on weekdays then Swiggy lets you work on the weekend days too.

Their time is not fixed for all cities means they don’t have a fixed time in every city you will get different timings for full-time and part-time timings. Generally, it would be around 10 hours of work for a full-time worker and 5 hours for a part-time worker but it could be more or less vary from different cities. Swiggy is still serving a selected city where they get more sale but they are trying to expand to more cities very soon.

Payout Structure of Swiggy Delivery Boy

Your earnings depend on order pickup and after that, you drop it to the given address. There is one more payout which will be a plus point in your salary which is distance payout. There is one more good point where you get extra payment which is waiting time (On Restaurant).

Yes, you get money for waiting at the restaurant if food is not yet ready but the time of order is up for delivering the order to the customer.

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Ratings depend on the customer, they decide to give a rating based on your behavior, timing, etc. So you can’t do anything for ratings if they give bad also after your behavior and timing are good. Incentives are extra money which will be given to you by swiggy when you achieved a defined target.

Customer tips are also playing an important role in your earnings, again they give tip based on your behavior. Check the list below on how zomato give extra money on the waiting time listed below.

Waiting Time Rates of Swiggy Delivery Job

Waiting TimeEarnings
0-5 MinuteRs. 5
6-10 MinuteRs. 10
10-15 MinuteRs. 15
15-20 MinuteRs. 20
20+ MinuteRs. 25

Swiggy Delivery Job Salary Structure

Requirements to Join as Swiggy Delivery Boy

The process of joining into swiggy delivery job is very simple. Navigate to the Swiggy website and scroll down to get to the “Ride with us” option then click on it and fill your personal information like name, mobile, and city, etc. You will get a call from swiggy within the next 3 days. After that, you have to visit your nearest Swiggy office for a small interview. Before going to the interview you must carry all documents mentioned below which are required to get a job.

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar card
  • 2 Copy of your Photograph
  • No Age Limit but you need to have 18+ to get the driving license
  • Bike/Bicycle
  • Driving Licence and RC Book
  • Address  Proof (Needed when your Aadhar card address is different from your current address)
  • Bank account details to send salaries
  • Smartphone to install the app and receive orders
  • Should have Rs. 1000-1500 for Bag & T-shirts

Tips to Work as a Swiggy Delivery Boy

Keep a power bank with you, the app uses many resources to run, so it will probably drain your mobile battery very fast and it will create an impact on your Swiggy delivery job.

Get yourself a bike that has more mileage, then you can save a hefty amount of cash on fuel uses of your bike. Also, it will balance all earning which you are getting from swiggy. If you are delivering with a cycle then you are saving a total of fuel usage which you would have spent on your fuel, if you were delivering it with a bike.

Try to attempt all order deliveries through alternate routes, by this method you can fulfill more order in a day that will lead to some great incentive which will be given by Swiggy.