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There are many methods available on the internet to earn money. But it is very difficult to earn a good amount because most of the time they pay less. And the aid which pays more is the sports app. And all of them are not good at it. So here the question arises that how much people can earn money online?

Today I’m here with the answer. There is an amazing and interesting app called “U Speak We Pay”. The concept of this app is completely different and unique. Earlier I have provided you information about many apps and websites that pay you for downloading apps, playing games, or taking surveys. But this app is completely different from them. Using this app you can earn Rs. 1000 per month. Yes, that’s true. Going further in the article you will know how?

U Speak We Pay Referral code

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What is U Speak We Pay app?

U Speak We Pay is a new app that had come up with a unique concept. Have you ever thought that somebody should pay you for speaking? I have thought that multiple times because I’m a chatterbox. Then I came across this app. It will pay you for speaking. Isn’t the concept interesting? By just sitting at your home or anywhere, you just need to speak to earn money online.

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How to get started?

U Speak We Pay Referral code

  • Enter our referral code RGJRDA

U Speak We Pay Referral code

  • If you use our referral code, you will get Rs. 50 as a signup bonus. In case you don’t use our code, you will get only rs. 5.
  • Enter your mobile number which you want to use for receiving Paytm.

U Speak we pay paytm number

  • After the registration starts earning.
  • Get Rs 25 for recording as minimum as 100 sentences!

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How to earn?

  • Open the app.
  • In this app, you have to speak certain sentences that are shown on the screen.

U Speak We Pay Dashboard

  • You will need headphones for that.
  • Also, there is language preference too.
  • For each language the price is different.
  • For example, if you select English or Hindi the price is 0.15 per file and for any regional language like Tamil, Telugu, etc. the price is 0.25 per file.
  • Select the language.

U Speak We Pay select languess

  • You will get a file and you need to record the sentences in audio format which will be shown on your mobile screen.
  • The audio file will be checked and then approved.
  • After approval, you will be paid for your work.
  • You can also transfer all your earnings to your bank account.

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I’m personally using this application in my free time and it does make genuine payments. The app is safe to be used. Also, it is a new app in the market, so the competition is also low here. And you can make a good amount on it because of the low competition. Do give it try.