Top Website To Check Live Score (Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton, eSports, Etc)

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Top Website To Check Live Score

Have you ever felt left out of a conversation revolving around sports because you weren’t up-to-date with the scores? In the times where television is nothing but mere background noise, replaced with mobile phones, desktops and laptops, not all of us have the privilege to sit through an entire match, be it football, our beloved cricket or any sport we have associated our happiness with, grown-up watching and cheering for. You can play fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and other fantasy games on these websites.

top website to check live score

With crushing deadlines and unending work piling upon our shoulders, it becomes difficult to spare even a few hours dedicated, especially for entertainment. But what if I told you that you can not only be a part of those lively sports conversations but also actively participate in them without having to sit through the match?

We bring you a list of websites that make it very easy for you to be caught up on any sports event. So tap away!

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List Of Top Website To Check Live Cricket Score

Sr. No.Website NameVisit Link
1. CricinfoVisit Now
2. ESPN CricInfoVisit Now
3.LiveScoreVisit Now
4.FlashScoreVisit Now

1. Cricbuzz:

cricbuzz live score website

Cricket, without a doubt, single-handedly unites our entire country. Cricbuzz brings to you everything you need to have to be absolutely updated about cricket, from the upcoming matches to the matches dating back to the year 1881, of course, along with the live matches.

You can listen to the commentary while driving to work or sneak a peek at the live scores during a meeting. Not only that, but you can also refer to the highlights of the match and pretend like you had been watching it all along. You can check the scoreboard, fun facts about the match, news, pictures, and a live blog of the match.

2. ESPN Cricinfo:

espn cricinfo website

This website, exclusively for cricket, allows you to check the scoreboard without having to be on the website constantly. The ‘Desktop Scoreboard’ feature stays with you and keeps you updated on all the current matches as you multitask on your laptops and desktops.


livescore score website provides a platform to check live scores for multiple sports ranging from Football, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball to Handball, and many more. You can pick out the sport of your choice, and you will have the live scores displayed to you within seconds. If there isn’t a match scheduled on that particular day, it lets you check the score of any match conducted a week before and matches scheduled in the upcoming week.


flashscore score website

On flashscore, you can check about all the matches occurring on that day, from football to badminton. You can pick out the league you want to refer to. Your screen will display the ongoing matches from that sport, the matches that have concluded, and the matches soon to be occurring.

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So, the next time you are worried about not being able to compromise work and having to miss out on your favorite team, do not worry, we got you covered. With the wide range of features, the above-mentioned websites provide along with displaying the live scores of any sport you may be missing out on, and you can pick out a website that fits all your needs.

Now, go, balance your work life while still rooting for your team!