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Top 10 Pay Later Apps In India

Everything turning into online these days, pay later apps are also launching to make the loan work and worries more simple. Now one does have to wait for the bank approvals for days. We can get a short term loan instantly within minutes to cover contingencies. Moreover, one can check credit limit, dues, credit score, and much more all under one platform. We also covered the Top 10 loan apps that provide instant loans to you. Below is the list of top 10 pay later apps that are popular currently:

best pay later apps in india

List Of Top 10 Pay Later Apps In India

Sr. No.Pay Later App NameDownload Link
1.Epay LaterDownload App
2.Lazy PayDownload App
3.ICICI Pay LaterDownload App
4.Flipkart Pay LaterDownload App
5.SimplDownload App
6.True Balance Pay LaterDownload App
7.Amazon Pay LaterDownload App
8.Paytm PostpaidDownload App
9.Slice PayDownload App
10.Zest MoneyDownload App

#Trending Top 10 Pay Later Apps In India

1. Epay later:

epay later app download

It is one of the biggest platforms that allows you to purchase as many products you want and pay then for all in one go. You will need to prove your identification through PAN card, Aadhaar card, or your number to get verified and then use pay later services. You do not charge any interest till 14 days from the purchase. EpayLater is at no.1 in the list of top 10 pay later apps.

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2. Lazy pay:

lazypay pay later app

It is an app-based platform that offers credit limits up to Rs100000. One can shop from any website or merchant and take an instant loan with the help of this app. You have 15 day time to repay the amount, i.e. bill is to be generated every fortnight. LazyPay is at list no.2 in top pay later apps.

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3. ICICI pay later:

icici pay later

It is one of the latest assistance by ICICI banks to help customers get instant digital credit approval up to Rs20,000. It eases the work of online shopping, bill payments, and paying at any physical store using UPI ID.

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4. Flipkart Pay Later:

flipkart pay later

This option allows the customers to buy anything throughout the month up to Rs 5000-10000 limit and pay for all the purchases before the set due date. Only a few sellers and customers are eligible to access this facility.

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5. Simpl:

simpl pay later

Simpl is an innovative service that allows you to purchase anything on one click or tap. One does not have to fill the details every time he/she wants to buy something. It is very simple to use as the name suggested, you just have to go to the apps that support simpl and shop as you would. You can pay later and buy at the moment with one tap only.

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6. True balance pay later:

true balance pay later

As the name suggested, this is a bit different from other pay later apps. In the beginning, you can shop and pay usually, and your credit limit is set based on the usage of the app. And also you can get cashback offers up to Rs 150. We have kept true balance pay later at no.6

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7. Amazon Pay Later:

amazon pay later app

Amazon, via its digital payment platform registered under the name of Amazon Pay, expanded the instant credit service, calling it Amazon Pay Later. It is a revamped version of Amazon EMI. Amazon Pay Later is at no.7 in the list of top pay later apps in India

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How Can You Use It?

A customer needs first to get registered by uploading it documents like PAN, Aadhaar card details. After a short while, you will receive the verification and the credit amount which you could avail of.

Now, How can you use it? As per Amazon’s global guidelines, a customer will not be eligible to buy gold or silver jewelry with Amazon Pay later. Accept these you could use it to purchase anything.  Is any interest charged? , Amazon India clarified that there would be no interest charged if the customer chooses to pay the whole amount next month. Furthermore, if you have credited more than Rs 3000, then you will be naturally paying an amount of interest with every three installments. The same goes for the spent Rs 6000 with six easy EMI and so on.

8. Paytm postpaid:

paytm postpaid app

Paytm, the most used digital money transfer platform. In the recent Paytm introduced its digital wallet, Paytm Mall and now it’s new venture Paytm postpaid launched. This featured has gained quite an attraction of every person who does not like keeping up with papers and likes to avoid the queues in the bank. Paytm is the first digital platform to tie up with ICICI bank, a private bank.

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How to get Paytm postpaid?

To get a Paytm postpaid you need to upload your proper KYC, then you should be having a recent transaction with Paytm. After all, this ICICI will check your details and transaction history only then you could have Paytm postpaid. After getting registered, you could use the Paytm postpaid as a payment mode. You could repay the entire amount by the mid of the next month without any interest. A primary Paytm postpaid credit which you will avail will be from Rs500-6000

9. Slice Pay:

slicepay pay later app

Slice pay is an exclusive platform made for the students where they can shop online, buy movie tickets, book cabs, and get their recharged done. All you could do is either paying now or by paying through easy installments without any interest.

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How to apply for a slice card?

To apply for a slice card is quite easy, you need to go to there web site or download the app To apply for membership. You will need to upload your birth date, phone no. Name of the college you are currently studying, then college ID proof.

10. Zest Money:

zest money pay later app

Zest money is a third-party app that is ideal for individuals who don’t have a credit card. Zest money is a platform where, without a credit card, you could pay your amount in easy installments. Zest money offers zero pre-closure rates along with the highest approvals. Zest money offers payments for almost 1000 merchant partners.

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How to get registered with zest money?

You just need to sign up with their website by completing the profile. You need to upload digital copies of your PAN and Aadhaar to update KYC. After completing the process, you will find out your credit limit. In the future, at the time of payment, you could choose the Zest Monet EMI option to pay your amount with 0% interest.

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