List Of Top Best Online Grocery Websites In India

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Top Best Online Grocery Shopping Websites In India

The advancements in technology have made life easier than ever. Groceries contribute to being an integral part of human life daily. Online shopping for groceries has grown rapidly for the past few years. After all, no one wants to go to the local markets after a tiring and hectic day at the office. A number of people find shopping in the supermarts quite boring.

top best online grocery websites in india

With an expansion in the landscape of India, online shopping of groceries have become more prominent. You will be capable of getting the fruits, vegetables, and other preferred groceries delivered to your doorsteps within a few hours or in a day. Thus, you can save an ample amount of more time as you opt for the online shopping of groceries. A wide assortment of the leading grocery applications have come into the market which is mentioned below:

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List of Top Best Online Grocery Websites in India:

1. Bigbasket

It is a leading online grocery application which has gained high prominence across India. It provides a wide assortment of grocery products for online shopping. You can order fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products from this online store. You can download this application both in Apple and Android. It is offering online grocery services in twenty major cities in India which are inclusive of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, to name a few.

It is preferred over other grocery shopping applications owing to the easy user interface. It also has different payment modes such as debit card, credit card, cash on delivery. Whether you want to order crispy vegetables or some kitchen products, Bigbasket has it all. It comes up with different attractive discounts and offers for regular users. It provides top quality services in seven local languages. These products are available to potential buyers from the farmers directly. You are also entitled to get a discount of ten percent if they fail to deliver the orders to you in the due course of time.

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2. Grofers

It is another prominent name in the list of grocery shopping applications in India. It is currently operating in more than twenty major cities in India. It is also offering premium quality of grocery shopping services in the tier-2 cities of India. It imparts different varieties of groceries such as chips, biscuits, milk, rice, and pulses across the major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, as well as various metro capitals.

You can make online payments for the services or you can opt for cash on delivery mode, catering to your needs. Founded by Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar, they never make any compromise towards the quality. Owing to the different discounts and offers, shopping becomes more exciting with Grofers. You can choose from any of the six languages for searching and purchasing the products of your choice. E-wallet and in-app chat are few other optimum features of this grocery application.

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3. Nature’s Basket

Whether you are using an Apple or an Android device, you can download this grocery shopping app easily. This grocery shopping application from Godrej has begun its operation in different cities. With the latest innovations in technology and the internet, it is offering top quality of services across different regions of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad.

The company is working hard to bring continuous improvements in the online sales of the company. It is expanding the business in different cities of India. It is preferred by the Indian audience on a wide scale owing to the simplified design. The easy of navigation allows you to add different products; you need, without any hassles.

Besides this, it also comprises of quicker and hassle-free check-outs and quick search. It is also loved by the end-user owing to the ease of payments and different discounts and offers. This company comes up with the finest and freshest vegetables, fruits, and stables to various customers throughout the country. They are also coming up with different discounts and offers on grocery products. You will be amazed to know that it provides the option to opt for three-hour delivery schedules. We kept nature basket at no.3 in top best list of grocery apps in India.

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4. JioMart

It is another popular grocery shopping application which is offering the best quality of services across the major cities of Bengaluru, Pune, and Mumbai. It also confers the prerequisite options for shopping different grocery products, without the need to leave your home.

You can shop for packaged food products, oil, dals, rice, vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, bakery food items, pet food, personal care and beauty items, and household cleaning products by choosing this product. It enables different options for selecting the delivery slot, catering to your needs. There are different modes of payment such as online, COD mode and you can select one, at your convenience.

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5. Spencers

It is another popular grocery shopping application that offers premium quality of grocery online shopping services across Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata, Vizag. They provide free delivery options on orders of more than Rs. 500. At present, they have turned out to be the number one choice for online grocery shopping. You are allowed to select the delivery slots between 8 am to 10 pm. You can find flexible delivery slots and thus they confer an effective shopping experience for you.

More than two thousand grocery products are available in this store. This grocery shopping application is also loved by the end-users owing to the faster online service and returns. Besides this, the company makes use of plastic containers for delivering larger orders whereas green papers are being used for placing the smaller orders. As your order is dispatched, you will receive an email along with an SMS.

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6. Flipkart Supermarket

It happens to be the top eCommerce store which has begins its online grocery shopping across the country. It offers online shopping services for grocery across the major cities of India. It has gained high success in bringing a drastic improvement in grocery sales with the aid of the offers to potential customers.

During the Big Billion Sale as well as different festival sales, you can get grocery items at a low price of Rupee one for certain products. It contributes to being a primary factor that has lured the attention of the audience. A wide assortment of customers shop for groceries they need from Flipkart Supermarket as they deliver the order at the earliest. It also introduces several payout options and you can also go for the cash on delivery mode. At no.6 we kept Flipkart Supermarket in top best online grocery apps list.

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7. DMart

DMart is another worth mentioning name in the list of grocery shopping applications across India. You can procure free pickup as well as doorstep delivery steps across the city of Mumbai. You can find a wide assortment of grocery products via this mobile application.

It provides Return and refund policy for various damaged products. It allows the prerequisite options for shopping fresh fruits, vegetables as well as other essential food products. You are sure to enjoy an amazing online grocery shopping experience without the need to stand in queues for hours. You can download this application in Apple and Android devices in Apple and Play Store free of cost.

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8. Foodzu

It is another grocery delivery application in India which is equipped with a bunch of amazing features. It stands second to none in offering an amazing grocery shopping experience to potential buyers across Bangalore. You can enjoy the best discounts and deals for the new sign-ups and users by choosing this online grocery application.

The above-mentioned grocery stores provide different attractive offers and discounts which are tempting the buyers to purchase foods. You do not need to waste your valuable time while standing in queues for long hours as you choose these online grocery applications in India.

As the delivery charges are reasonable, you can be ensured that these grocery applications can be made available to the doorsteps at the least cut off from the pocket. You can procure amazing deals by ordering the groceries of your choice from either of the above-mentioned applications.

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9. Amazon Pantry

It is another popular grocery shopping application in India. With its partnership with the leading hypermarkets such as More, HyperCITY, as well as different supermarket chains, it has gained success in delivering the freshest of the grocery items across the country.

It is another popular option for shopping the groceries, with the aid of the smartphone. It is recognized to be a hybrid retail platform that is known to focus mainly on the marketing of CPG and FMCG brands. It has gained high popularity in connecting the users with the stores, located nearby. It offers you opportunities for shopping for different products such as lentils, rice, edible oil, water, beverages, and ghee. The user chooses the nearest retailer for confirming the order. You can make the payments via cash or online as the order is delivered to your doorsteps.

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Here is the list of top online Grocery Stores in India. These are the most known and famous Grocery Shopping websites. Some of the websites work on the local cities but most of the websites work all across India.