List Of Top 10 Popular Web Browsers For Android in 2020

Hey guys, I’m back to you with amazing content. At the end of this article, you will have complete knowledge of the top 10 web browsers that you can use for your internet access on a regular basis. recently we have covered the top hosting website in India that might help you to start your own online business

The Internet is growing at a very fast speed. Each and every individual across the world have access to it. According to a 2018 survey, there are more than 3.9 billion users of the internet. This internet has brought many facilities to us whether it be in the form of knowledge, e-commerce, deliveries, making online transactions, managing bank accounts, and the most important one, social media. With access to the internet, we can remain connected to our family and friends across the globe.

Now to use this internet effectively and efficiently, we need internet browsers. Internet browsers do have significant importance in making your search experience better and more accurate. This article today will make you familiar with the best web browsing list. This web-browsing list will constitute all the top browsers.

What is a web browser?

This is a very basic question. And as we are dealing with a list of best web browsers, this has to be answered. A web browser is simply a software program that allows it’s users to access web pages. You can access the world wide web, i.e., www through a web browser. There are a number of web browsers available. In this article, you will get a list of top 10 web browsers. if you are looking for buying a mobile phone then you must check out the best mobile In India under 5000.

Now the question here arises is that why do you need this list? How does a web browser will affect your internet experience? Don’t worry I will give you details about it. Below are the few points that will explain to you about the need for this web browsing list that I’m going to provide you:

  • Faster website and page loading
  • Better user experience
  • Safe and reliable
  • You won’t be irritated with unnecessary ads
  • No information tracking by fraudsters
  • Lowers the chances of attack of malware
  • Good basic browsing facilities with enhanced extensions and plugins
  • Provides with time to time updates
  • Good customer support

Let us jump to the list of best web browsers in India:

NameDownload Link
Google ChromeDownload Chrome
Mozilla FirefoxDownload Mozilla Firefox
DuckDuckGoDownload DuckDuckGo
OperaDownload Opera
UC browserDownload Uc Browser
Brave BrowserDownload Brave
VivaldiDownload Vivaldi
Microsoft EdgeDownload Microsoft Edge
SRWare ironDownload SRWare Iron
PuffinDownload Puffin

Here is Top 10 List Of Android Browsers India

  1. Google Chrome:

google chrome

Google Chrome is a product of the leading search engine Google in the year 2008 and since then Chrome is leading the internet market.

  • Chrome was initially created in the C++ language.
  • Google Chrome had most of the users, i.e., more than 56%.
  • The popularity of this web browser is because of its security, performance, user-friendly interface, and great customer support.
  • Google Chrome syncs completely with Google database.
  • Chrome offers personalized and relevant ads to its users through activity tracking.
  • Manage your privacy through the unique incognito mode.
  • It is very fast and runs well on any system having 4GB RAM.
  • With this browser, one can enjoy the smooth application on all the devices through a single Google account.
  • Google Chrome introduced the tab browsing feature.
  • Chrome also supports extensions.

Download Chrome

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  1. Mozilla Firefox:

mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a product of Mozilla company and was launched in the year 2002. Mozilla Firefox was named as phoenix when it was launched.

  • Firefox is the second leading web browser after Google Chrome.
  • Firefox is fastest among all the web browsers available in the market.
  • It is equipped with all the modern features.
  • Firefox is best for developers as it provides web application development features. Most of the developers use this browser for developing web applications.
  • Maintain your privacy with the advanced tracking feature.
  • Firefox also allows customization with all new and advanced extensions.
  • It has by default as blocking feature, which saves you from the unnecessary and irritating ads.
  • It is very light.
  • Firefox is supported on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • There is an advanced feature of firebug which is used for debugging.
  • Other special features include spell checker, location-aware browsing, and live bookmarking.

Download Mozilla Firefox

  1. Duck Duck Go:

Duck duck go

Duck Duck Go is the most secure browser over the internet. They didn’t keep your history or your website visiting pattern it is an open-source web browser made for those who want to keep his privacy.

  • With every update, they were improving the UI according to the suggestion given by users.
  • It has all the advanced security features.
  • The application is compatible.
  • This web browser also offers a high level of privacy.
  • With continuous improvements, the browser has become fast and smooth.
  • It does support the latest technologies.

Download DuckDuckGo

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  1. Opera:

opera browser

Opera is another top web browser in the list. It is one of the oldest web browsers in the market.

  • It was launched in the year 1995 by Opera software.
  • An interesting thing about the Opera browser is that initially it was coded in C++ language, but today it is available in more than 40 languages.
  • There are so many versions available including opera mini, opera touch, opera for computers, etc. Not only this opera was available on Java phones too.
  • It has a private mode for secret browsing.
  • It does maintain complete privacy and secrecy.
  • Opera offers a plug and play feature which is unique from the other web browsers.
  • Opera browser can be accessed on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.
  • Opera is a faster and smarter browser.
  • Another amazing feature is that it has a free VPN, through which one can easily access the blocked websites.

Download Opera

  1. UC browser:

uc browser

UC browser was brought into the market by UCWeb in 2004. It is among the fastest-growing web browsers.

  • It is one of the most used web browsers in India.
  • UC browser offers a very fast speed.
  • It has a no. of extensions and plugins.
  • UC news has become very popular in India recently.
  • UC browser is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, blackberry, and several others too.
  • The security feature is very advanced to provide you the high-level safe browsing.

Download Uc Browser

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  1. Brave Browser:

Brave Browser

Android phones have occupied almost all the markets and thus most people do use Android phones to access the internet.

  • The brave browser is highly safe and secure to use.
  • Brave browsers are based on blink technology.
  • No external plugins or settings! Brave privacy browser simply provides the most secure, lightning-fast web browser for Android.
  • All the advanced features are included in Brave browsers for improved productivity.

Download Brave

  1. Vivaldi:

Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi is another web browser. It is not that popular but still, I have included it in my list because of its amazing and unique features.

  • It is fast and safe.
  • You can easily customize extensions as per your requirements.
  • You can also change the look of your browser, the way you want to interact with it.
  • The main focus of Vivaldi is the data privacy of its users.

Download Vivaldi

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  1. Microsoft Edge

new microsoft browser

Microsoft Launched his new Version of Microsoft Edge browser which is an awesome browser and also a bit faster than others.

  • New Microsoft Edge browsers are highly safe and secure to use.
  • This web browser is based on blink technology.
  • Tracking prevention blocks trackers from sites that you aren’t accessing directly.
  • All the advanced features are included in New Microsoft Edge browsers for improved productivity.

Download Microsoft Edge

  1. SRWare Iron:

srware iron browser

SRWare iron is a recently launched web browser which came into existence in the year 2008. Being a new browser still, it gained a good market and had millions of users.

  • This browser mainly aims at eliminating the tracking to save you from spammers.
  • Also, it provided you good privacy feature.
  • It is an open-source web browser having really advanced features.
  • SRWare is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Download SRWare Iron

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  1. Puffin:

puffin browser

Puffin is not much popular among users. Still, it has the following important features and this is the reason that it is included in our web browsers list.

  • You can use this browser extension in your android device.
  • The user interface is quite simple and easy to use.
  • It allows automatic navigation, screenshots, and assertion.
  • This browser is suitable for unit testing.
  • Some of the leading companies are using this browser because of its security features, which include Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, etc.

Download Puffin

So this was a complete list of top web browsers in India. All of the above-mentioned browsers are secure and offer a variety of advanced features. You can choose any of them depending on your choice of work. Hope you liked my article.