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Hey everyone! So, I was reading a blog and then I thought, why not I share it with you. And I’m in front of you with a list of top 10 bloggers in India. This list will cover bloggers from different niches. To know in detail be with me till the end of this article. 

We all love to read blogs. They are not only informative, but they do refresh or moods as well. If you are interested in certain things, blogs are going to give you regular updates on the same. In case you also want to become a blogger, then it becomes very important for you to read blogs. Reading blogs will keep you updated with what’s going on in your field of interest. On internet you will find numerous bloggers across the globe. There are hundreds of top Indian bloggers too, who have made it to a big position. I personally prefer Indian bloggers because being an Indian I would relate to them and know what’s latest trend is. When I was about to start blogging, I read so many blogs to gain all the knowledge about the particular niche of my interest and how I should start, what are requirements and so many other important things. Your research would help you in creating the best. Regarding blogs will inspire you to start from scratch and make it to the big. 

Taking inspiration and implementing the same becomes very important, if you want to start your own blog. Initially you have to put more than 100% efforts to give your blog a boost. But sometimes, you will feel demotivated and feel like this is not working out for you. You will lose your patience. In those tough times, reading inspirational blogs will boost your confidence. You will be motivated by their story and journey. You can also follow them, their rules, and their motivation to move ahead in your life. 

Not only just for making your own blog, generally also you should read blogs. This gives you strength and inspiration to achieve something in your life. It is not necessary that everyone would want to be a blogger. Different people have different dreams. Whatever your passion is, you can read blogs and articles on the same. Blogs will keep you up to date with the latest and trendiest information. Also, you will get all the knowledge you want about any field, that you love. 

You will find so many bloggers on the internet. So, after spending a good amount of time researching about the best bloggers in India, I have made a complete list of top 10 best bloggers in India. You can check their blogs and I’m sure that you are definitely going to love the content. 

So let us take a look upon the list of top 10 bloggers in India:


  1. Shradha Sharma –
  2. Raju PP –
  3. Harsh Agarwal –
  4. Anil Agarwal –
  5. Malini Agarwal –
  6. Shivya Nath –
  7. Varun Krishnan –
  8. Manish Chauhan –
  9. Nandini Shenoy – pink villa
  10. Pardeep Goyal –


This is his just a list of top 10 best bloggers in India. Moving forward in the article I will give you a detailed information about these top Indian bloggers and their respective blogs. So without wasting any more time let us start quickly.


  1. Shradha Sharma –

The top most blogger in India is Shradha Sharma and she is the owner and founder of blog.

  • Shradha Sharma started in the year 2010. Now her blog has an Alexa rank of 7261.
  • She is herself the editor-in-chief of the blog.
  • The blog mainly focuses on women empowerment.
  • Stories of many self made entrepreneurs are published on Your Story.
  • Complete details of all time famous and aspiring leaders are also posted on the blog.
  • World’s top leader’s story and journey is shared in this platform.
  • If you ever feel low or under confident, reading this blog will boost you up to achieve something big in your life.
  • Many start up stories are shared on Your Story to inspire people across the globe.
  • The blog mainly covers entrepreneurs and business related stuff.
  • Shradha’s blog has aDA rating of 80/100.
  • She mainly earns through Google AdSense.


  1. Raju PP –

Next in my list of top 10 bloggers of India is, Raju PP. He is the owner cum founder of Techpp.

  • Techpp was started way back in the year 2008.
  • Techpp is one of the most popular tech magazine in India.
  • Raju shares all his knowledge and experience related to technology in his blogs.
  • As he holds an engineering degree, so he can explain the concepts in much simpler and easier way.
  • Techpp brings technology more close to you.
  • You will get all the latest and current technological inventions and updates.
  • Google AdSense and direct ads are the main income platforms.
  • It has a DA rating of 78/100.
  • Techpp holds 122407 Alexa ranking.


  1. Harsh Agarwal –

Harsh Agarwal is among the top most bloggers of India. He is the owner and founder of

  • Harsh Agarwal started way back in 2008, when blogging was not considered as a good earning option.
  • Shoutmeloud is a perfect solution for all your queries related to blogging.
  • The blog teachers you all the basics and fundamentals of blogging and SEO.
  • If you are a new blogger, here you will find all the tips to get started.
  • Harsh do share his experience and expertise of WordPress on his blogs.
  • Shoutmeloud extended its niche to provide information about making money online to all its readers.
  • The blog has a DA and Alexa  ranking of 69/100 and 17267 respectively.
  • The earnings are from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and consultation.


  1. Anil Agarwal –

Next very interesting and informative blog is This blog is owned by Anil Agarwal and he stayed it in 2010.

  • Bloggerspassion covers everything related to blogging. You will get a complete and detailed information about it.
  • Anil shares his knowledge on SEO and web hosting too.
  • Here you will get some important tips on blogging and making money through the same.
  • Anil earns through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and SEO consultation.
  • The blog has a good Alexa ranking, i.e., 97033 and the DA rating is 47/100.


  1. Malini Agarwal –

We all know about the famous Missmalini blog. It is owned by Malini Agarwal.

  • Missmalini is a fashion and lifestyle blog.
  • It mostly covers all the celebrity fashion and trends.
  • Along with these the blog covers all the latest news and updates of Bollywood.
  • She earns through sponsorships, collaborations and reviews.
  • The blog has a DA rating of 65/100 and Alexa ranking of 37932.


  1. Shivya Nath –

Shivya Nath started her blog the-shooting-star. She is the owner and founder of the blog. 

  • Shivya herself loves to travel and hence her blog is dedicated to travel.
  • She wrote a book The shooting Star: a girl and her backpack, which is a best seller on Amazon.
  • Her blogs has tips and hacks related to travel.
  • You will also get to know about various places from her world travel and solo travel blogs.
  • She earns mostly through brand collaborations and affiliate marketing.
  • DA rating of the blog is 52/100 and Alexa ranking is 195752.


  1. Varun Krishnan –

One more addition to best bloggers in India is, Varun Krishnan. Varun is the owner and founder of

  • Varun started this blog in the year 2005, when use of mobile phones and internet was not much, but still he managed to earn good through AdSense and other direct ads.
  • If you are someone who is interested in gadgets, then this is just for you.
  • Here you will get detailed information about mobile phones, computers, cameras and other gadgets.
  • The blog does cover new launches and news related to technology.
  • Varun also posts the reviews of specific new launches gadgets.
  • It has a DA rating 51/100 and ranks 28351 on Alexa.


  1. Manish Chauhan –

Another very helpful and informative blog is Jagoinvestor is founded and owned solely by Manish Chauhan.

  • Manish started his blog in 2007.
  • If you need a complete guide on investing money, then Jagoinvestor is the perfect place for you.
  • The blog covers all essentials of finance management and planning.
  • You will get pro tips on saving money and making the most out of it through investing.
  • Manish provides all his knowledge about financial education in the form of blogs.
  • The blog makes its earnings through consultations, selling books and providing paid online courses.
  • ranks at 128704 on Alexa with a DA rating of 45/100.


  1. Nandini Shenoy – pink villa:

PinkVilla is a well know platform, which is founded by Nandini Shenoy.

  • Nandini started PinkVilla in 2006.
  • The blog covers entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, Bollywood news and other related content.
  • You will get all the latest Bollywood gossip and updates from here.
  • Majorly she earns from AdSense, collaboration, affiliate marketing, etc.
  • PinkVilla ranks 8921 on Alexa and has DA rating of 87/100.


  1. Pardeep Goyal –

At last I have a great Indian blogger, Pardeep Goyal. Pardeep started

  • Pardeep’s blogs focuses on helping everyone  with understanding the concept of financial freedom.
  • You will get all the information related to finance management, online marketing and start ups.
  • There are blogs dedicated to start up stories, which will inspire you a lot.
  • Other than these Pardeep do provide this on making money online.
  • Pardeep’s main source of income is affiliate marketing, ads, consultations and seeking his products.
  • The blog ranks 81339 on Alexa with a DA rating of 38/100.


So, this was all about today’s article of top 10 best bloggers in India. All of them provide you with the authentic information, which will really help you and boost your morale, if you also want to start blogging. Hope you liked the article.