Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints- Puzzle 482 October 14

Welcome back to ihddeals. Are you looking for Today’s Wordle Answers and Hints? If yes, you are in the right place. Wordle games is in different languages such as English, Francais, Nederlands, Turkce, Svenska, Polski, Indonesian, Gaeilge, Cestina and many foreign languages. In the Wordle games you can play with city names and especially designed for kids, and also make you own Wordle puzzle. Wordle city names is anew version of Wordle where you have to guess city names instead of words, choose your country and try to guess a random city in 6 tries.

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Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints

Today's Wordle answer and Hints

Wordle is best game for all the kids, this game will be especially useful for all the children to develop memory power and logical thinking skills. This game is very easy and here you can make the game harder by turning on hard mode in the settings. Wordle game is not in the Google Play Store and app store, you have to save the site and play on your mobile and computers in any browser. In this content i will teach you how to play the wordle game and we will update the today’s Wordle answer and hints.

Basic Rules of the Wordle Game

The main intension is to guess the hidden worn in 6 tries. In every line you have to enter any word from 4 to 11 letters to find out what letters are in the target word. Letter will be highlighted in the below three colours, it’s all depending on which word you entered.

Green Colour Indication– Selected letter is in the word and iin the correct place.

Yellow Colour Indication– Selected letter is in the word but in the wrong place.

Gray Colour Indication– Letter is not in the target word at all.

Note:- If you want to win you have to completely guess the hidden word and it should be all letters are green.

Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints (October 14)

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Today’s answer is very easy than the last few answer,

Puzzle 482 on October 14 Answer is FLOOR

Play Wordle Game

How to Play the Wordle Game

  • First of all you need to enter five letter word to find out which letter match the hidden word. You will get 6 tries to guess the hidden word.
  • Second thing if any words highlighted in the yellow, that means that letter is in the hidden word but it will not match the exact place in the word. If it’s marked as green colour then you can decide it’s exact location. If it shows in the gray it’s not hidden word.
  • Now you have to think and solve the hidden word and win the game. Leave the green part, you have to check yellow and gray Colour.
  • This helps improve your memory skills.

Final Words

This is information about Wordle game, here we have explained how to play Wordle game and basic rules of Wordle. Keep visiting ihddeals everyday to get Today’s Wordle Answers and Hints.