13 Useful Tricks To Save Money When Shopping Online [All Working]

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Tricks To Save Money When Shopping Online

Online shopping has gained immense popularity in the recent few years. The reason behind is the easily accessible sites and home delivery option. We can order anything by sitting at our homes and the product is going to be delivered at our houses. It the easiest and safest way of shopping. Shopping online in India is safe as there are genuine and legal websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, ShopClues, and many more. But being Indian we all want to save some money when we do online shopping because we all love bargaining. But when we shop online there is no chance to do bargaining but still, we want to save some money. 

13 Useful Tricks To Save Money When Shopping Online

If you have questions in mind such as – How to save money while shopping? How to save money shopping for clothes? online shopping hacks then check out this post to get all your answers.

So here I’m with some important tips and tricks to save money on online shopping. I will explain each and every trick in the following few points:

How To Save Money While Shopping Online

1. Price comparison

Price comparison is the first and foremost step in shopping. During offline shopping at stores also we do compare the prices of various stores. Similarly, when we shop something online, we should compare the price of the same product at different e-commerce websites. But this again becomes a difficult task to compare the price at each and every website. So for this problem, there is a solution too. There are some websites where we can compare these prices of different websites on the same platform. Some of the major ones are Cashkaro, My smart price, IHD deals, and many more. Do search your product on these websites to get the product at a price that suits you.

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2. Coupon codes

We all love discounts. And coupon codes are the best way to get additional discounts on the product. There are several websites, which offer discount coupon codes. You can apply these coupon codes while purchasing the item you wish. The discounts may vary in these coupon codes. The discounts may vary from 10% to 80% also. You will get the discount depending on the coupon value and purchase value. Do check the teams and conditions of the coupon code before using it. There are so many websites that provide you these kinds of discount coupons, such as CouponDunia, IHD deals, couponraja, and many more. Next time when you shop online, refer to these coupon codes.

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3. Cashback sites

Even there are some websites that allow you to get cashback on your purchase. Cashkaro, CouponDunia, and similar websites provide you cashback on your products. This way you can get some advantage of your purchase by getting some money back. On these cashback sites, you will get some links which you need to activate. After that, you will be redirected to the website where you want to but the product. And whoa you will get your cash back after you but the product. Check out Top 10 Best Cashback Websites In India

4. Wait for Big Sales

E-commerce websites in India offer some big sales during the festival time. During these big sales, you get huge discounts. Amazon organizes Great Indian Sales and Flipkart organizes Big Billion Days. During these sales, the websites offer huge discounts on the products that may be up to 80%. Not only these sales are also arranged during festivals such as Diwali, New year, Raksha Bandhan, and others. If you want to buy some big items like a refrigerator, washing machine, or TV, please wait for these sales.

5. Use social media alerts

Now the other problem is that we are not always aware of the sales or discount offers going on. So the solution to this is that you can subscribe to social media alerts. You can check some WhatsApp groups and telegram groups to get the alerts. IHD has a telegram channel that will provide you regular updates for discount offers and cashback.

6. Choose your product wisely

Sometimes you will find deals that are too good price-wise but never know about its quality and durability. Some e-commerce websites show something and deliver something else. So beware of such things. Don’t buy anything by just looking at the product and deal. Do proper research and check for the reviews and ratings.

7. Use a credit card for payment

When you are using a credit card, you will get so many offers. Amazon does offer 0% EMI on HDSC credit cards and sometimes some cashback and discount offer too. Checkout Below post to get credit card. 

8. Join Amazon prime

When you use Amazon there are delivery charges for products below 500 or for particular products. But if you join Amazon prime, you will get free and early delivery on products. Their a certain fee to join Amazon Prime for a year. Join it to enjoy the benefits. 

Join Amazon Prime

9. Subscribe the product for monthly groceries

When you buy products on Amazon, there is an option to save and subscribe to the product. When you do so, you will get a discount on the product and it will get ordered automatically every month. This way you can subscribe to the grocery products which you have to order every month and you can also save some money too.

10. Buy from 99 store

Now Amazon does have some pages such as 99 stores and beauty stores. These stores divide all the products according to their prices. So you can easily get products costing Rs. 99, 199, 299, and so on. This is a good way to get products on the price you want.

Check Amazon 99 Store

11. Always shop from trustable sites

This is the most important thing when you shop online. Always shop from trustable sites because they give you the guarantee to deliver the product on time and about the quality of the product. When you buy products from a genuine site, you can even return the product if don’t like it or if there is any fault in it. You will get all your money back on a successful return.

12. Shop with different mail IDs to get different coupon codes

If you want extra discounts and cashback, use different email id’s. This way on each registered mail id, you will get the coupon codes and cashback individually. Multiple accounts will allow you to buy products from the same site with discounts on each account.

13. Use different browsers

When you search for a product frequently and keep it in your wishlist, the price of the product increases sometimes. I have personally noticed this on Amazon and Flipkart. Also, there is a price difference in different accounts. So try to use different browsers for your search or you can also go for the incognito mode in chrome. This way you will get the best price for the product.

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These were the few tips and tricks that I use personally when I shop online. Next time you do some sort of online shopping please follow these tricks to save some money.