Paytm First Games APK App Download: Earn Unlimited Real Cash By Playing Online Games

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Paytm First Games Apk App Download

Online games are very popular nowadays. In almost every smartphone, you will find a fantasy game application installed. Now think of an instance where you make money by playing online fantasy games. If this is your first time you are hearing about this, just know it is true and it is happening. Several platforms provide chances of earning by playing fantasy games online. Technology comes with its challenges so make sure you use a genuine gaming platform. If you have no idea how to identify a genuine gaming platform, we will go through Paytm First Game which is a fantasy app and you will know how it is different from other gaming apps outside there.

gamepind pro apk download

Now known as Paytm First Game, it was used to be referred to as Gamepad. We all know that Paytm is a popular brand in India. Paytm is an electronic wallet that has gained a lot of trust in India. It can be used to pay bills, movies, travel, and book events as well as in purchasing groceries. This shows you that your chances of getting scammed are very low or not there at all.

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What is Paytm First Game?

As the name suggests, this is a fantasy gaming app by Paytm. Unlike many fantasy apps, in Paytm First Game App you will enjoy several questions. This fantasy app is being used by 10 million people and monthly merchandise of more than 20 cores. This huge number of customers is because gamers can make money while playing games.

In the past year, this gaming platform received massive growth. Now the platform is being used by more than 30million users half of them being active throughout the whole month.

According to Paytm Game App, registered users will have access to playing games and questions on the platform and win movie tickets, flight tickets, Paytm cash, and other amazing prizes.

The Paytm First Game has above 300 wonderful engaging games. Some of the popular games you will meet in this platform include fantasy cricket, fantasy soccer, fantasy kabaddi, rummy, 8 pool ball, ludo, and live questions.

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Paytm First Games Pro APK Download Link

Fantasy App Details
Paytm First Game Apk Download App
Signup Bonus Rs 10 + 100 Beans
Refer & Earn Rs 10 + 100 Beans

Why choose Paytm First Game App

  • The best thing about using this fantasy app is that you are assured of not being scammed. This is because it is a game app from a trusted brand Paytm.
  • Paytm App is so attractive and has an engaging, user-friendly interface. This will make you enjoy the game.
  • You can easily play fantasy cricket in this app. This is because this game app does not have complicated features.
  • With this fantasy game app, you can choose to play paid contests or just play free for fun.
  • The fact that this fantasy app has got quizzes, makes it cool since when you are tired of playing games you can answer wonderful and enjoyable quizzes.
  • Playing games is usually considered part of the entertainment. When you play fantasy games using this app you will be able to earn from entertaining yourself.
  • With the money you earn by playing fantasy games on this app, it can be redeemed and used to buy anything like flight or train tickets, movie tickets or get other awesome services and goods

How can you utilize the Paytm First Game Platform?

There are several entertaining and fun games available on this platform. You can also choose to participate in Trivia Quizzes.

Paytm First Game Fantasy Features

  • Bomb passing
  • Jungle adventure
  • Wheel spinning
  • Fly safe
  • Brick plunge
  • Zoo run
  • Grumpy gorilla

Types of quizzes on Paytm First Game platform

  • GK Quiz
  • Cricket quiz
  • Tollywood quiz
  • Quizzes on physical goods

Remember as you enjoy the quizzes you improve your skills knowledge. This is also a learning tool.

How To Start Playing On Paytm First Game And Earn Real Cash

1. First Of All Download The Paytm First Games on your smartphone.

   Download Paytm First Games Apk App

2. After downloading the app install and launch it.

3. Use your credentials of Paytm App to log in on the platform of Paytm First Game

4. You will come across a lot of options on the site, go for quizzes and games

5. If you are going to participate in a paid contest, you will have to pay entry fees.

6. Now that you are on the platform of making money, play as much as you can and earn lots of cash prizes.

Playing Fantasy Cricket on Paytm First Game

gamepind fantasy cricket

  • When you want to play cricket on Paytm Game App, first open the game and click cricket games. Then click the upcoming cricket match to play.
  • After this, click create a team and choose a team of 11 virtual players. You will have a budget of 100 credits to utilize in creating your virtual team.
  • Cricket game is more interesting when you are playing it on the Paytm Gaming platform since you will be able to select 1-4WK, 1-4 All Rounders”, 3-6 Bow and 3-6 Bat.
  • After selecting your virtual team to choose your captain and assistant captain.
  • Now click save the team and join the league. You will win cash prizes while playing.
  • If the match ends and you had a positive result, meaning you won the league. Money from the winning goes direct to the Paytm account.

Offers from Paytm First Game App

  • Upon downloading the Paytm fantasy app, you will qualify for a bonus of Rs.10 bonus.
  • If you are in the platform as a new user, you will benefit from exciting offers like winning Rs.100 on Wizard Quiz,
  • If you do wheel spinning, you can win Rs.100 to Rs.1000.
  • Play pool Quiz and earn up to Rs.2000
  • Playing a math quiz can make you earn up to Rs.3500 daily.
  • You can double your earnings through 123 Quiz
  • The several games available on the platform are easy to play and have low entry fees.
  • If you participate in Play Wizard Quiz and provide answers to 10 questions, you can make Rs.1000.
  • Playing games daily can lead you to win a jackpot of Rs. 11000.
  • Playing team Indian quiz can make you win Rs. 3000.
  • When you are playing daily games you will be forced to participate in several quizzes like India quiz, science quiz, Bollywood quiz, cricket quiz, etc.
  • Exciting cash prizes can be won through playing in instant options.
  • Money Express can make you earn Rs.1000 and a guarantee of Rs10
  • Via Dugan Pisa, you can earn unlimited cash
  • Through Baar Khelo Baar you can earn Rs.1000
  • You can double your cash through the 123 quizzes.
  • Through wheel spinning, you can win Rs.100and 1000.
  • Top scorers can make Rs.1 lakh by playing on Paytm First Game.

Use of Beans in Paytm First Game

Beans exist as bonus money on this platform. Beans can be redeemed for various prizes like movie coupons, lifestyle vouchers, etc.

Earning Beans on Paytm First Game

If you visit the platform daily, you will be awarded 100 Beans each time you log in. if you complete other tasks you can earn more Beans.

Redeeming of the Beans

1. First of all click on the hamburger menu on the top left side of the app. 

gamepind menu

2. For Redeeming Beans Just Open Paytm First Games, Just click on the hamburger menu and go to Redeem Beans.

gamepind redeem beans

3. Here you can find the redeem option. Minimum 50,000 beans are required for a movie voucher worth Rs 200.

4. If you want to redeem your Beans, open the game app the click hamburger menu and scroll to redeem your Beans.

5. For you to get Rs.200 worth of a movie ticket, you need a minimum of 50000 beans.

Beans are redeemed in the following manner;

  • 50,000 beans for a movie ticket worth Rs.200
  • 62,500 beans for DTH recharger of Rs.250
  • 1,25,00 lifestyle ticket worth Rs.500

How To Withdraw Money From Paytm First Game

Withdrawing your earnings from Paytm First Game is impossible since the Paytm First Game will withdraw the winnings direct to your Paytm wallet. Let’s clear this so that you are not left with doubts.  In an instance where you choose to participate in a league that has entry fees of Rs.5 and you paid the fee directly using your Paytm account, if you win, your winnings will be directly credited in your Paytm account. This is important since you will not have to withdraw your earnings manually each time you win.

If you are still seeing this as a too good to be true deal, you can Google and see various screenshots of payment proofs.

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Biased Review On Paytm First Game App

There are above 500 contests on Paytm First Game on the first game. The platform has generated more than 10,000 winners and cash prizes of more than 1 crore have been distributed so far. You can earn extra money from this platform if you truly trust it. This game is available for those who are 18 years and above. If you live in Telangana, Assam and Odisha states where gaming is not allowed, you can still play fantasy games on Paytm First Game but you will not be able to earn cash. You can visit your profile and edit any changes you want to make. From the winner option, you can know weekly and daily winners on the platform. In case you have any questions, you can contact support which is available 24hrs a day and 7 days a week.

Paytm First Game has gained massive success in the gaming industry due to its attractive features.