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 Nostra Pro Referral Code – IHD1000

Nostra Pro is a fantasy app with a business model that is not the same as other fantasy applications. In the Nostra app, you can join the league without creating a team or select players. In this app, you predict answers to questions about the game, and if you are lucky enough you will be awarded positive points but if your answer was wrong you will get negative points.

Predict the match result and win various prizes using your cricket knowledge. After the league ends, the person with most points wins the league and get cash prizes which can be withdrawn. You can withdraw your cash via Paytm which does not need verification of Pan.


This app is not restricted to predictions of cricket, football, and kabbadi games, but also other games like basketball, formula one races, badminton, hockey, and tennis.

What Is Nostra Pro Prediction Application All About?

This fantasy game has prediction cards. To start the challenge swipe the prediction cards and select one option. If you are lucky and your prediction is correct, you will be awarded positive points. The only major technique to apply here is your knowledge about various real games.

Nostra Pro Referral Code 2020

Fantasy App Nostra Pro App
Nostra Pro Referral Code IHD1000
Nostra Pro APK App Download App
Sign up Bonus Rs.100

Steps To Download Nostra Pro App and Get Rs 100

The following are steps to have the Nostra Pro app installed on your android gadget.

Download Nostra Pro Apk App

  • After installing the Nostra App open it and sign up by either Facebook or Google.
  • Create your password by entering your email or phone number. You will receive an activation link that you will use to generate your password.


  • The next thing to follow is the verification of your mobile number.
  • Create a username that you will be using when you want to sign in. Enter your referral code if you have one.
  • In the referral code section use Nostra Pro Referral Code  – IHD1000 (Must to get Rs 100 On signup)


  • Choose the language you will prefer to use and you have installed the app and ready to play.
  • Play and predict to win cash prizes in the Nostra Pro fantasy App.

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Nostra Pro Refer And Earn & Rs 100 Per Referral.

One of the best features that make this fantasy app amazing is the fact that you can easily make money using it. Getting your family and friends into Nostra Pro will earn you money in the following ways.

  • Open Nostra fantasy App.
  • On your profile click refer friends to earn cash.
  • The referral code is the one in which you will be sent to your friends to join under you. Copy the code and share it widely.
  • If your friends use your referral code to sign up, 100 will be credited in their accounts.
  • 30% of the referral fee will be given to you plus 20rs.

 Terms of Nostra Refer and earn Program in Nostra Pro App

  • You will get 30% of a referral fee and Rs20.
  • In each valid referral, your account will be credited by 20 Rupees for the top 20 mode referrals.
  • If the friend you referred participates in 3 paid contests (first 3), you will get a promo of 30% entry fee.
  • Offers are available for everyone using the app. However, rewards apply to non-duplicate and valid referrals. Several logins by some gadgets cannot be referred to as a valid referral.

All About Nostra Pro App Power-ups

nostra pro power ups

What Are The Power-Ups?

Power-ups help you to get extra points on the contest. Doubler, No negative, audience poll are the three power-ups you can use in the contest. You can get Powerups by purchasing or referring your friends to Nostra Pro.

How To Access The PowerUps Bank?

While playing games, you can click on the bottom right corner of the play screen. After that click on the button of the bank symbol for opening your Powerups bank.

How To Transfer Powerups In Contest?

You can simply add powerups by clicking on it after that a transfer button will appear. By clicking on that transfer button you can use the Powerups in the contest.

How To Get More Powerups?

You can get more powerups by simply purchasing from the Nostra pro app or by referring your friends.  If you refer your friend you get 2 bundles of power-ups for every referral. You can see your power-ups in power up the bank. Every power-up bundle contains a set of each three powers.

How To Win Real Cash From Nostra Pro

Nowadays many apps allow you to make money while playing fantasy games. Nostra Pro app is one of the popular fantasy apps used by Indians to earn cash online. Betting is a crime in India since it is illegal and all kinds of betting-related kinds of stuff are not allowed. This has promoted the growth of fantasy games where one plays to earn real money. Cricket is the most common game played in India, this is why most people there love playing cricket on fantasy application. Below are some of the ways you can make money through the Nostra Pro fantasy app.

Offer one: This applies to deposits for the first time. As a new user, when you deposit money between 100 and 259 you will get a cashback of 50% on your Nostra Pro wallet.

Upon first deposits of cash ranging 250 t0 1000, a cashback of 100% will be deposited on your Nostra account.

Offer two: This offer only applies to all transactions done via a phone app. The user gets a 15% cashback in the phone app after he or she makes deposits to the Nostra fantasy App wallet. You can get this offer in your account twice.

Offer three: This involves earning cash through Paytm in Nostra App. Upon three transactions of 200, the user gets a cashback of 100 to the Paytm account. In 30 days the user needs to compete for the three transactions.

Is Nostra Pro Is illegal or legal?

Nostra App is a legal fantasy game since it is based on the player’s knowledge of games. Having a good knowledge of sports and games is an advantage when playing this game. However, the Nostra Pro fantasy app is illegal in Telangana, Odisha, and Assam because in these estates playing games is illegal.

How To Withdraw Money From Nostra Pro App

To avoid the application of transaction fees (Rs20 fee) ensure your first withdrawal is more than Rs100. Withdrawing for the second time only requires a minimum cash amount of Rs21. You can get your money from the App either through a bank or a Paytm account.

Nostra Pro Contact Information

You can reach Nostra Pro app support through

When you want to participate in playing this fantasy game you can contact us and we will help you with all the information about the Nostra App. We will attend to you as soon as you reach us.

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Biased Nostra Pro Review

Nostra Pro app is among the top fantasy applications in India. This app has the same features as Dream11 but unlike Dream11 where you are required to choose 11 players to participate in the league, Nostra Pro can be played without having to choose a team since it only involves the prediction of answers to simple questions.

This fantasy game has a lifeline that will guide you in the whole game. You can join this awesome platform and earn as much as you want by downloading the Nostra Pro app on the play store. Key in your user information and utilize the various features in the app to earn real cash.

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