How To Check My Jio Number: Check Mobile Number, Active Packs, More

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How To Check Jio Number

A few days ago one guy came to me and said he needs a recharge on his Jio sim. I asked his mobile number and he said he don’t know his number. Usually, we can see our Jio number in MyJio App but for god sake, he doesn’t have MyJio app installed on his phone. I search for ways to check out the Jio number but end up with nothing. So I’m writing this post so that anyone can check his/her Jio number in a minute by following these below-working methods.  If you are wondering “How To Check Jio Number” or “How To Know Jio Number” then this post is just for you.

how to know jio number

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Jio Number Check Code and Number [All Working]

Details to Find Jio Number CodeJio Mobile Number Check Code
Know Reliance Jio NumberCall On 1299
Reliance Jio Number Check CodeSend an SMS as “Jio ” to 199
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (From Own Jio Mobile Number)198/199 (Toll-Free)
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (From Other Number)18008899999
Jio Number Check Code*1#
Jio Balance Check Code*333#
Jio Number Check

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How To Check Jio Number – All working Methods

1. Jio Number Check via the Jio Mobile App 

This is the simplest method to know your Jio mobile number. You just need to open the MyJio app and it will automatically detect your jio number and show it in your MyJio app.

  • First of all Download the MyJio app from the play store and App store.
  • Now login in MyJio app.
  • On the Home Screen, you can see your mobile number in the app itself.

2. Check Jio Number By Calling On 1299

Another simple method to know your jio number is by calling on 1299. This is a missed call number and you just need to do a missed call on 1299 and Jio will send a message on your phone along with your mobile number.

3. Jio Number Check by SMS Code

Officially Jio doesn’t have any USSD codes. However to know your jio mobile number you can simply send an SMS from your Jio mobile number by typing “MYPLAN” and send it to 199. After that, you will get a message in your mobile number along with your account details.

4. Check Jio Number by Calling 198

198 is officially a customer care number for all sim cards. Not only Jio but you can also call on 198 from any operator to know its mobile number. However, they may ask you a few questions like the name which was used to register the sim cards before actually telling you your mobile number.

5. Call On Another Number To Know Your Jio Number

This method is by far the easiest method to know your jio number. However, you need to have a working plan to call on another number. The main reason why we list this method in the end because most of the people searching for their number when their recharge got expired and if this is the situation then this method will be useless for you.

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Jio Number Check – Frequently Asked Questions

How To Know Jio Number Easily?

Of all the ways that I listed to allow you to know your number in minutes. However, by calling 1299 you will get instant messages along with your mobile number by SMS.

How can I find my Jio SIM number?

You can check your SIM card pack where your number will be printed. The Jio sim number is technically called the ICCID number and it is printed on the Jio sim itself so you would have to manually take out the sim to check the number.

How to know your Jio number details?

Simply download the MyJio app to know your Jio number easily. It just takes seconds to know your Jio number with the MyJio app.

How do I know if my Jio number is valid?

The best way to know if your Jio number is valid is by checking it in the MyJio app. However, you can call the customer care number of Jio to know any type of queries.