List Of The Top 10 Tv Brands In India Of 2021

Top Ten Tv Brand In India, India’s Best Tv Brand, Top Tv Brand List

Hello, friend welcome back to our new blog. We have another blog about electronic gadgets. In this blog, we are suggest buying from the Top 10 TV brands in India. If you are looking to buy new televisions this blog is helpful for you. As we already told about List Of The Top Earphone Brands In India and its very helpful to buy new earphone. Now it’s time to television, today we are going to tell us about the top 10 TV brands in India at present time 2020.


As we know that nowadays there is a TV compulsory in every house and people want to purchase the best tv. But unfortunately, they do not buy perfect TV because of a lack of knowledge of TV brands. There is more than 50+ TV brand in India, and it’s difficult task to choose the best brand of these. But from this blog, you will definitely. With the help of this blog, you will definitely remove your confusion and buy the best TV brand for yourself.  Please note that this list is based on our research and reviews so you can go with that.

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List Of The Top Ten TV Brands

1Samsung Visit Here ">Visit Here
2LGVisit Here
3SonyVisit Here
4Panasonic Visit Here
5OnePlusVisit Here
6VU TVVisit Here
7Xiaomi (MI TV) Visit Here
8Sansui Visit Here
9Haier Visit Here
10Videocon Visit Here

Top 10 TV brand In India

  • 1) SAMSUNG

Samsung TVs are the most popular TV brand in the market. It is one of the premium brands in the Indian market and has always been a leader in bringing new technologies to the Indian market. The selling of the Samsung TV in the Indian market is too high. They covered almost 30% of the selling. So I think you’re looking for branded and premium TV then you are going with Samsung tv.

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  • 2) LG

Lg is the oldest brand in India. Almost all types of TV and all models in television are available on the LG brand. They are the 2nd biggest brand in terms of volume in sales. Their picture quality comes quite close to that of Sony and Samsung. LG is the best in terms of bringing in new technologies. Their OLED Panels are just exceptional and compete well with QLEDs from Samsung. If you are thinking to buy a long-term TV then you must go with LG.

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  • 3) SONY

Sony is one of the favorite tv brands in India. If you are looking for the best picture quality TV then Sony is one of the most popular brands in it. This Japanese giant has been known for creating TVs with stunning picture quality for years now. This year, most of their TVs have HDR (High Dynamic Range) bringing great picture quality even to their smaller TVs.  The Bravia series of the Sony is one of the best choices to buy.

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Panasonic is the best choice to buy if you’re looking for the build quality and Technology. They come across as the most value-for-money brand. You will get many features at a low cost. The picture quality is also good on Panasonic television. The fine remaster engine in Panasonic TVs creates good picture quality on their IPS panels. There are many options to buy the all range product from Panasonic. So you can buy any model according to your budget.

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Oneplus is a new TV brand in the television market. After creating popularity in the smartphone Industry one plus is now a jump the to television industries. Oneplus is currently using Samsung’s QLED technology in its newly launched television which delivers a fine picture quality similar to Samsung. You will feel the amazing view and premier look on one plus TV because of its new technology. If u want to purchase the premium looking and new technologies TV then you should going with oneplus.

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  • 6) VU TV

VU is the new generation television, with a lot of specifications and features. From premium to really affordable TVs, VU has a huge collection of all TV variants in the Indian market.  you will find all the variants and models on VU TV. If you’re looking for some affordable options, then VU is among the best option for you, providing you some exciting features well within a marginal price tag. If you are thinking to watch a unique Technology then you should go with VU.


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  • 7) XIAOMI (Mi TV)

Hope you all know this brand Xiaomi in the smartphone market. But no you can also buy the television of Xiaomi brand. As mobile, they also offer online premium and budget televisions in India. Features of Mi TV is one of the best featured in that range. They provide all the specifications and features in the low range. The picture quality and design are also awesome. So if you are looking for the best and premium and smart TV then you should go for MI TV.

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  • 8) SANSUI

Sansui is the best TV market because they offer Japanese technology in their product. Currently, the service is selling their 24 inches 65 inches smart TV in the Indian market. Nowadays the popularity of Sansui television is down because of the tough competition from the new brands. But still Sansui the best mid-range smart TV. So Sansui is also the best choice to buy a new TV.

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  • 9) HAIER

Haier is a well-known Chinese company in the world. In the TV industry, Haier is the most popular brand. Haier televisions are quite popular in India. This is because they offer high quality and a variety of features. Besides, they come at an affordable price.T are many types and models of Haier are available on Indian markets. The customer support of the Haier brand is also too good. You can buy the TV of haier this is a good company.

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  • 10) VIDEOCON

Videocon is a popular brand in India. They often used a range of products like electronics and gadgets. But in the television market, Videocon is one of the most successful brands. It has a wide range of LED HD Ready as well as Full HD. Besides, it has a range of the new-gen LED Ultra HD TVs. These are equipped with several features. On all variants of Videocon TV, you will fill a different and amazing experience. So if you want to fill an Amazing experience while watching TV then you should go with Videocon.

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So guys this is the final list of the Top Ten TV brands in India. However, if you want to buy another brand then you must go with your own decision. But the above list is decided based on their reviews and features. Hope you will get all information about the top TV brand. With the help of this blog, you will really find your best TV brands. Select the model of TV from these listed brands and experience the amazing view and good quality with extra features.

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