Top 5 Best Fingerprint Scanners In India 2021

Best Fingerprint Scanners In India

Hey everyone! I’m back with another amazing and helpful article for everyone. Today I’m going to review the 5 best fingerprint scammers in India. This review is surely going to help you in deciding which fingerprint scanner is suitable for you. So without wasting any more time, let’s start.

With the advancement in technology, everything has become easy and accessible for us. Almost everything is available on the internet and every individual is also on the internet. With this internet era, open to everyone, a major concern exists, i.e., safety.

The safety and security of our data on the internet are very important. For this safety, we use CCTV cameras, home security, etc. But in this technology savvy world, everyone is using laptops, mobiles, and computers. So, the security of these devices has to be taken care of. 

Most of the mobiles today come with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner. Only the authorized person, whose fingerprint is stirred in the database of the mobile, can access the phone. Any other person will not be able to open the phone unless they know your passcode or password. 

Now here a basic question will arise in your mind that what exactly a fingerprint sensor is? Don’t worry I will answer this. For example, you have a phone with a fingerprint sensor. You will set your fingerprint to unlock the device or to perform any function in three phones. Multiple fingerprints can also be stored on the phone.

The phone can only be accessed when the fingerprint authorization is successful. So this way or phones are safe, but we also want or laptops and computers to be safe from any external or unwanted access. For this, I will help you out.

So while buying these fingerprint scanners, there are few important points that you need to consider. I have also kept these important points in my mind while choosing my list of best 5 fingerprint scanners in India:

Factors To Consider Before Buying Fingerprint Scanner

There are separate fingerprint scanning devices are available in the market. They are also known as biometric systems. These are widely used in offices, colleges, schools, and various other important places where the important database is stored. You can also use this type of biometric systems to safeguard your computer and laptop. 


The most important factor for purchasing anything is the price. We have to see the best available things in our budget. A scanner is going to be a long term investment, but you have to look upon the price so that it suits your budget.

Service warranty:

When buying any electronic product, it is necessary to see their customer service. Do check the service warranty.


Another important fair is accuracy. The scanner should be accurate enough to detect the right fingerprint. It should quickly detect the fingerprint of the authorized person.

Simple to use:

The scanner should be simple to use. Everyone is not Pro at technology, so the design should be simple so that a normal person can use it effectively.


The response time of a fingerprint scanner is very important. The scanner should detect the fingerprint of the authorized person in a few seconds. 

Best Fingerprint Scanners In India – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

Below is the detailed review of 5 such amazing fingerprint sensor. You can buy any of them and I will also provide the purchase links so that you can buy them easily.

Sr. No.Fingerprint Scanner NameBuy Now
1.SecuGen Hamster PlusBuy Now
2.Mantra MFS100Buy Now
3.Safron MorphoBuy Now
4.Cogent CSD 200Buy Now
5.KartString Startek FM220Buy Now

These are the top 5 best fingerprint scanners available in India. Now let us move towards the detailed review of these fingerprint scanners:

Here Are The List Of Top Best Fingerprint Scanner Device In India

1. SecuGen Hamster Plus fingerprint sensor:

The topmost priority in fingerprint scanners is the SecuGen Hamster Plus fingerprint sensor. The brand offers a high-quality product in an affordable price range.


  • The scanner comes with an automatic finger detection technology.
  • The sensing glass is scratch-resistant and sunlight resistant.
  • The tough glass is vibration proof.
  • It has an electric shockproof technology to save you from any kind of shocks.
  • The sensor turns on automatically with the smart capture feature that detects the finger.
  • The sensor is highly accurate and responsive.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • You will get a warranty of 1 year.
  • It has digital template encryption.
  • The device is USB compatible.
  • The sensor is a bit costly, but a worthy purchase.
  • You can easily purchase it from Amazon.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Mantra MFS100 fingerprint scanner:

Next in my list is the Mantra MFS100 fingerprint scanner. The brand promises high performance and good customer service.


  • The scanner has an optical scanner that detects any actions very fast.
  • An all in one scanner for identification, verification, and authentication.
  • This scanner is suitable for fingerprints on Aadhar cards, PAN cards, Shetkari Sanman Yojna, NDLM, eKYC, Din card activation, and others.
  • The MFS scanner is STQC certified.
  • It comes in a small size.
  • It has a resolution of 500 dpi.
  • The scanner can be easily integrated with phones and Windows operating system for PC or laptop.
  • USB 3.0 compatible.
  • You will get a service warranty for 1 year.
  • This scanner is the best seller on Amazon. So you can check the product from the given link.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Safron Morpho fingerprint scanner:

The Saffron Morpho fingerprint scanner is from a well-known brand. The sensation is very stylish and compact to carry out anywhere. 


  • Very compact and lightweight, i.e., 200g sensor.
  • An all in one sensor which performs fingerprint scanning, verification, identification, and authentication.
  • The resolution of the sensor is 500 dpi.
  • Highly responsive and accurate performance.
  • It has a Smart capture feature with data encryption.
  • USB compatible fingerprint sensor.
  • It has an LED light indicator.
  • Digital signatures are also enabled on this pocket-sized device.
  • There are multiple access controls that you can use to make your work easier.
  • With this sensor, you can easily access the Windows session.
  • The sensor is on the expensive side, but it is a life long investment.
  • You will also get a 1-year warranty.
  • Buy this amazing fingerprint sensor from Amazon.

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4. Cogent CSD 200 fingerprint scanner:

Here comes another great option for fingerprint scanners in India, i.e., Cogent CSD 200 fingerprint scanner. You are going to love this one because of its performance.


  • This scanner is very stylish because of the aluminum finish.
  • The scanner is certified by the FBI.
  • It is ideal for identification and verification purpose.
  • The scanner is compatible with USB 2.0.
  • The resolution of the Cogent scanner is 500 dpi.
  • Highly accurate and responsive scanner.
  • It can capture 10 frames in just 1 second.
  • The device uses optical fingerprint scanning technology.
  • You will get a large active platen area on the device.
  • The device is very fast and reliable.
  • This fingerprint scanner comes with an automatic scanning feature.
  • Check out this amazing fingerprint scanner on Amazon. You can also buy the OEM version of the fingerprint scanner.

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5. KartString Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner:

Last but not the least is KartString Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner. This scanner is high on performance and durable at the same time.


  • KartString Startek is a very lightweight and portable scanner.
  • This scanner is authorized by the Indian government, as it is being used for Aadhaar verification purposes.
  • A single device for authentication, identification, and verification.
  • The scanner has a 500 dpi resolution.
  • Highly responsive scanner for fingerprint verification.
  • It has an image capturing feature with low image distortion.
  • In this scanner, CMOS based optical reader is used, which makes it unique from the other fingerprint scanners.
  • It is on the economic side, so you can certainly purchase it.
  • But this fingerprint scanner from Amazon.

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Final Words

This was all about today’s article of the top 5 best fingertips scanners in India. After research, I have chosen these 5 and mentioned all the topnotch fingerprints scanners. You can buy any of them from the given links. You can rely on these scanners for the safety of your laptop or computer to safeguard your important data with technology. 

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