Top Best Microwave Oven In India 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

Top Best Microwave Oven In India

If you are planning to buy a microwave oven then you are in the right place. Now everyone wants to cook with ease because no one wants to stand in the kitchen for long hours just cook food for themselves. So, ease the work there is a thing which named microwave oven in which you can easily cook food just by keeping in. After 15-20 min according to your food, you will get a readymade cooked food on your table.

We are going to list the top models of the microwave oven below to let you choose the best one for your house. Let dive in to list first to check the features of all the microwave ovens listed below.

List of Top Best Microwave Oven In India

1. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven
2. LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven
3. Bajaj 20 Litres Grill Microwave Oven
4. Godrej 20 L Convection Microwave Oven
5. Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

These are the list of some valuable and budgeted micro oven we are going to list in this article. So dive into the features to check which one is best for you.

1. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

It’s best for cooking and reheating the food, also baking cakes and pizzas, grilling tandoor can also be done. Its 30-liter capacity is more than enough for a large family of 4-5 people. You can cook your daily life food too.

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  • Control of the microwave oven is very good has the best kind of touch
  • Child lock ensures safety especially for homes with kids.
  • The capacity of a Microwave oven is around 30L which is suitable for a large family.
  • Auto defrost system is included.
  • Overheating protection given to switch off the microwave when the temperature is too high.
  • Free your microwave from grease in a matter of minutes of using steam.

2. LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

Cooks every type of food in minutes or sometimes it could take an hour depends on your food. The microwave oven is good in looks also cheap in price so you regretting a good looking microwave a budgeted price. There is much available space for your food.

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  • Stainless steel cavity enables a better reflection and uniform heating.
  • Multi cook Tawa is given with oven
  • A recipe book is also given in the pack to cook more types of recipes.
  • Floral pattern design to get a clean and cool look
  • Autocook menu to select the food and wait for the food to be ready.
  • Diet Fry will let you prepare the food with less oil.

3. Bajaj 20 Litres Grill Microwave Oven

It has two additional heating which will give you heating for your food to cook. It also works on steel utensils, yes you can use steel utensils too to cook your food, you don’t have to buy those nonsticky utensils. Very easy to control and clean look.

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  • 20 liters of capacity given
  • 1200 watts output leads to faster and efficient cooking time.
  • 30 minutes timer will notify when the food is ready.
  • 20L of capacity suitable for bachelors or small families.
  • You can use this microwave for grilling, reheating defrosting, and cooking.
  • Controls that are easy to use with Jog dials.
  • The product warranty is for one year.

4. Godrej 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

As you can see from the company name, you will get a good product always from Godrej. The Godrej products are always valued for money, you don’t have to go for servicing every time or for any defect in its appliances. But some times it takes double to hot the food.

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  • The capacity of 20 liters given which is suitable for a small family.
  • Warranty of 1 year on product, and 3 years on the magnetron.
  • Child lock features included for those who have kids in their house.
  • Stainless steel to keep the cavity rust free.
  • LED display to check the temperature.
  • Multi distribution system helps to distribute the heat evenly.

5. Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

The last and best one ever by Samsung. But there are no slim fry features in this model. For the fry feature, you have to check some of the other models of this company. Pattern designs and ceramic are good than other microwave ovens.

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  • Child lock features ensure the safety of kids.
  • The capacity of 21L which is suitable for 3-4 members
  • High Scratch-resistant ensure there should be no scratch
  • Power defrost mode lets frozen food defrost quickly
  • Keep your dinner warm while ready for your guests.
  • Touch control is given to easily operate the microwave oven.

What you should consider before buying a Microwave Oven?

Size & Capacity

Microwave ovens have types of sizes available in the market offline or online. Just check the capacity you want, to check the capacity first you have to check your family members or if you want a budgeted one then go for a small size.

Control Touch Pads

Touchpads help us to operate the microwave easier than ever. Yes, we can see the temperature or we can also check the current temperature of the microwave. In microwave ovens, you get a knob to decide the temperature you want in the oven.

Power rating

You should always check the power rating which is the BEE rating in the microwave oven pasted in front of the oven. Always consider buying a 4-5 star BEE rating microwave oven as it saves your lots of electricity bills in a year.

Auto Timer

Always check the timer function in the oven because then you don’t have to keep it to get the food ready. Just set the timer and it will cook your food and then will inform through a mild beep.


So this was all about the best microwave ovens in India, we have listed some of the top ovens in the list and reviewed them so that you can easily choose the best one for you. You can check our blog for other articles like this and if you wanna something else then must check once our blog.

Hope this article was helpful for you

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