Top 10 Loafers Brands for Men in India 2021

While you can’t roam around all-day informal shoes, there you have to find a comfortable way of styling. Loafers are the most comfortable footwear for men currently (except flip-flops). Loafers are the type of shoes that are easy to wear and have flexible soles. They are mostly available in black or brown colors which makes them look like formal shoes but only without laces.

Top 10 loafers brand in India for men

1. Lee Cooper

One of the best shoe manufacturers in the world. They have a variety of loafers with extreme comfort and classy designs. They keep launching new items in the market regularly. The material is comfortable and looks good. They are not so expensive and available in the middle range.

lee cooper loafers

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2. Red Tape

Red Tape is famous for its unmatched Leather quality and wide range of styles. They look good and feel the super quality. Their material is durable, comfortable, and suitable for usage in college and office. You can wear them with jeans and trousers etc.

red tape Loafers

3. Bata

This 125 years old, a Switzerland-based brand offers unmatchable quality at a very affordable price. Bata is generally known for its material quality. Bata offers loafers that are fashionable, trendy, and elegant. Bata has a wide range of casual loafers as well as formals. Their loafers are available in multicolor options.

Bata Loafers

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4. Woodland

One of the best brands in the country, Woodland has many things to offer you like quality products, styles under an affordable price tag. Woodland provides you loafers in different materials like leathers, fabric, suede, etc.  Woodland also offers you customization of your style and that’s the thing that makes them different from others. They are also priced reasonably.

Woodland Loafers

5. Sparx

The shoe division of Relaxo a variety of loafers with extreme comfort. The light-weighted and good-looking loafers can be your friend for regular outings. They manufacture their items using new technologies to enhance comfort and use air points so that your feet breathe easily. And all these come at a very affordable price.

Sparx Loafers

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6. Clarks

Almost 200 years old brand is known for its items manufacturing using innovative technics. The loafer brand offers you a variety of designs to suit your personality. These loafers can be a partner for work or college and the trips and vacations as well. You can wear these with shorts, jeans and Bermuda’s, etc. These premium quality shoes are available at a good price, online and offline.

Clarks Loafers

7. Puma

Puma has a reputation for making sports shoes. This brand offers you both budget and expensive loafers. Puma is known for its high-class and good-looking products. The souls of their products are unmatchable and make the products comfortable to wear for hours. The airy design also makes the feet breathe and it adds a lot of value to the product.

Puma Loafers

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8. Hush Puppies

One of the most popular and trusted brands in the Indian market and is highly comfortable. The price of their products is reasonable with good quality and styles. If you want to make a long-lasting impression then go for it. Loafers from hush puppies are comfortable and stylish which makes them a perfect companion for your feet.

Hush Puppies Loafers

9. Mocas

Mocas offers you loafers made with leathers, fabric, suede, and even velvet.  There are loafers designed with fabric as well and you can choose from them. Mocas is a good option if you’re tired of regular shoe manufacturers. Price of this brand’s products on the material you choose. The loafers are comfortable to wear and you can spend the entire day wearing them without feeling tired and fatigue.

Mocas Loafers

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10. United Colors of Benetton

UCB is a popular brand having its stores all over the world. The UCB loafers are designed with a lot of care and these products are also stylish as well as trendy. UCB offers a vast range of designs and their summer collection has got some best loafers as well. Their products are designed in such a way that you can wear them for the entire day without feeling tired. They provide high quality at your budget price.

United colors of Benetton Loafers


Here are the best loafer brands in India. Have you guys tried any of them yet? Please share your reviews in the comments, so that we can improve our Content.

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