Top 10 Best Handwash Brand In India To Purchase For Covid 19

Best Handwash Brands In India

It is a healthy habit to wash hands adequately before every meal. Normally people use any soap and handwash to wash their hands. However regular bathing soap does not help to kill germs and bacterias from your hands. You can use a dedicated hand wash soap or liquid to kill germs and bacteria from your hands. There are a variety of handwash brands in the market but only a few of them are good enough to use. Below mentioned liquid soaps are used in schools, colleges, hospitals, and houses.

best handwash brand in india

Why You Should Wash Your Hands

Currently, COVID 19 is spreading rapidly and the government advised to wash hands properly before eating anything. Handwash will kill the germs from your hands and you will be safe to eat. Hands are the only thing that you use to touch anything. There are chances that the surface you touch may be contaminated. You can safeguard your hands by washing them properly.

How Do Germs Spread In Your Body

  • Germs can spread in many such as while changing diapers of your children.
  • Touching dirty hands
  • Contaminated food and water
  • Contaminated surfaces
  • Droplets in the air released during sneeze or cough
  • Contact with sick person’s fluids

Here Is The List Of Best Handwash Brand In India


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Godrej Protekt
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Best Handwash Brand In India – Detailed Review

1. Dettol

Dettol handwash

Buy Dettol Handwash

Dettol is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. There is no doubt that it is one of the best liquid handwash brands in India. Dettol is a product on Reckitt Benckiser. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that makes it one of the most reputable hand wash brands all over the over.

Dettol is clinically proven and provides a hygienic and healthy life. It contains ingredients that are good for your health and bad for germs and bacterias. Dettol handwash offers good fragrance too and it can be used by both kids and adults without any worries.

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2. Medimix

Buy Medimix Handwash

Medimix is a product on the AVA group. It contains organic ingredients such as Neem, Tulsi, etc that are good for your body health. Medimix is suitable for all kinds of skins and many women prefer medimix hand wash as it contains amazing fragrance with organic materials.

Medimix is in the market for a very long time. The Medimix handwash is safe to use and has many consumers all around the country.

3. Lifebuoy

Buy Lifebuoy Handwash

Lifebuoy is a very old and well-known brand in India. Their products are always of high quality and clinically proven. Lifebuoy is one of the best selling liquid handwash brands In India. It is pretty effective in killing germs and bacteria from your hands. It contains ingredients such as glycerine, lemongrass, and neem which safeguard your skin from the infectious coronavirus.

Lifebuoy helps to maintain the pH level of your skin and keep it soft and safe. The Lifebuoy handwash comes in two two variety Nature hand wash and Care hand wash. It is a product of Unilever which is one of the biggest conglomerate companies in India.

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4. Savlon

Buy Savlon Handwash

Savlon is a premium product offered by Johnson & Johnson. Currently, it is owned by ITC which is the largest FMCG company in India. It is India’s favorite brand which having enough market experience compared to other brands. Savlon handwash is known for killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria from your skin.

Savlon offers a variety of health-related products that are very popular and always in demand in the market. The Savlon handwash makes your hands safe and provides amazing fragrance on each handwash.

5. Godrej Protekt

best liquid handwash brands

Buy Godrej Protekt Handwash

Godrej protekt is another good handwash brand in India. It fights against germs and bacteria. It is made from essential oils, coconut, and glycerine which makes it safe to use. Good thing is that it is a biodegradable hand wash that doesn’t contain triclosan. Godrej protekt offers many skin related products that are pretty useful in your day to day life.

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6. Chandrika

Buy Chandrika Handwash

Chandrika is known for its herbal hand to wash in India. It comes with a goodness of Ayurveda which makes it one of the top-notch brands in India. You can use it after wetting hands with lukewarm or cold water. After that apply it in your hands and rub them for at least 20 seconds before washing hands. This will kills all the germs from your hands.

7. Himalaya

Buy Himalaya Handwash

Himalaya is name is enough. It is making personal care products for a very long time and has a wide range of products life handwash, facewash, shampoo, face cream, conditioner, gel, and many more. Himalaya handwash comes with a goodness of herbal ingredients that kills germs and bacteria.

8. Procare

Buy Procare Handwash

You might not hear before about Procare but their products are always made of top quality. Procare offers a variety of personal care products such as handwash, sanitizers, soaps, and a lot more. Tha Procare handwash comes in three fragrance and you can choose any of them. It kills 99.99% germs from your hands and leaving them soft and smooth after each use.

9. Santoor

Buy Santoor Handwash

Santoor comes with the goodness of sandalwood. I still remember the advertisement which I used to see on the TV saying – “Santoor Santoor, Twacha Kuch aur nikhaare”. After that Santoor gained enough popularity and now it is a well-known brand in the personal care industry. It comes with glycerine and apricot which maintains the pH of your skin and safeguard yourself against germs and bacterias.

Santoor handwash comes with extra moisturizer which keeps your hands clean and soft. Currently, it is owned by Wipro personal care. Santoor smells so good and killing germs effectively.

10. Lux Handwash

Buy Lux Handwash

Lux is a very old and trusted brand in India. The brand may be older than your great grandfather because it was founded in 1925. Currently, it is owned by Unilever. Lux handwash provides a refreshing effect along with nourished skin. It removes dirt, grime, and bacteria from your hands.

Lux offers a wide range of products such as handwash, beauty soap, hair shampoo, conditioners, cream, and shower gels.

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Final Words

Hand hygiene is effective to control the spread of coronavirus germs. Many people around the globe die as a result of infectious COVID 19 acquired through hands. To keep yourself safe and healthy from this deadly virus you should keep your hands free from germs and bacterias.

Our main motto to make this list to safeguard our fellow Indians from the corona. These mentioned handwashes are pretty effective in killing germs and bacteria. After touching any contaminated surface you should wash your hands with these brand’s handwash to keep yourself safe. These hand washes are available in the offline and online stores at an affordable price. So, you can buy any of these hand wash.

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