Top 8 Best Hand Sanitizer In India To Purchase For Covid19 (Coronavirus)

Best Hand Sanitizers In India

As we know coronavirus pandemic cases are increasing rapidly and people are advised to use masks and hand sanitizers to safeguard themselves from this deadly virus.  It can possible that you come to a situation where water is not available to wash your hands and this can be critical in a pandemic situation. If you are one of those who faced this situation then hand sanitizers can be a life savior for you.

Hand sanitizers are portable and don’t require extra water to kill germs. All you have to spray or apply it to your hands and rub them easily and get rid of germs and bacteria. You can keep hand sanitizers with your self all the time when you are going to public toilets, public transport, etc.

best hand sanitizer in india

In the present time, many deadly and infectious viruses are roaming around the world and it is necessary to carry hand sanitizer all the time. But you might have questions in mind that which hand sanitizers are good enough in killing the germs on your hands. There are hundreds of brands hand sanitizers available in the market and every brand claims their hand sanitizers as best in the market. However, only a few on them are legit and good enough to buy.

We conducted a review and personally used some hand sanitizers from different brands to check whether it is good to buy or not. Below we have mentioned some of the best hand sanitizers in India to purchase for COVID 19.

Here Is The List Of Best Hand Sanitizers In India To Purchase For COVID 19


Sterillium hand sanitizer
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3M AVAGARD Handrub
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Microwin Handrub 70% Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
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Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer
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Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
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Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray
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Himalaya Pure Hands – Green Apple
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Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer Spray
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Best Hand Sanitizers In India To Purchase For COVID 19 – Detailed Review

1. Sterillium hand sanitizer

sterillium hand sanitizer

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The Sterillium hand sanitizer is being used since 1965 and is extremely reliable and effective against all type of germs and bacterias. It keeps your skin smooth and healthy even after long term use where other hand sanitizers can give side effects for using them in the long term.

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It is a well-known brand in the medical field and recommended by doctors. Sterillium is being used as an alcohol rub disinfectant in the health care industry before doing operations and other things.

2. 3M AVAGARD Handrub

3m avagard hand sanitizer

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The 3M Avagard CHG hand rub is effective for skin disinfection. It comes with moisturizing properties. One of the interesting things I found in this hand sanitizer is ints Right Sized push dispenser. The dispenser dispenses exactly a 3ml solution on the full press so that the liquid lasts longer than other hand sanitizers.

3M Avagard CHG Handrub Antiseptic Solution helps to effectively clean hands and maintain them germ-free with prolonged action. It also protects the drying of the skin and keeps it away from damage. We highly recommend you to go with this hand sanitizer.

3. Microwin Handrub 70% Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

microwin hand sanitizer

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The Microwin is another perfect hand sanitizer that is hard on the germs and gentle on the hands. You can use it throughout the day to protect against germs and batteries. You just need to pour it onto your palm and rub both hands together until your hands get dry. You don’t need to rinse it with water.

It is a 500ml hand sanitizer that is easy to carry for on the go protection against germs and infections. Good thing is that it is rinse-free and nonsticky. Also, it doesn’t hurt your hands after use so that you can use it without any worries.

4. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

dettol hand sanitizer

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No doubt, Dettol is one of the oldest and well-known brands in India. People blindly trust in Dettol because they know Dettol’s always selling quality products. The Dettol instant hand sanitizer is considered to be the best hand sanitizer in India. It protects from illness-causing germs and bacteria and is capable of killing 99.9% germs. On the advanced side, it comes with a fragrance that leaves your hand refreshed each time you use the sanitizer.

The Dettol hand sanitizer is easy to use. All you need to do is press the top of the sanitizer and use the liquid in your hand to get maximum protection. In this hand sanitizer, you will get two fragrance options floral and spring fresh. It is suitable for all types of skin and you can use a single hand sanitizer in your family.

5. Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy hand sanitizer

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Another best hand sanitizer on our list. Lifebuoy is also offering antibacterial hand sanitizer. It comes in a compact and pocket-friendly travel pack. I personally carry this hand sanitizer with me all the time. This Lifebuoy hand sanitizer comes with lemon fragrance which keeps germs away from you. It helps you to get rid of the bacteria without using water.

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Before going anywhere or meeting with anyone use this hand sanitizer to protect yourself from contamination from hands, surface touching, currency notes, and so on. On the downside, it is slightly sticky on your skin. If you don’t like any sticky sanitizer then you can go with Dettol hand sanitizer which is completely nonsticky.

6. Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray

Savlon hand sanitizer

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The Savlon pen sanitizer spray is skilled to protect you from millions of germs on every use. It will keep you protected all day from all types of germs. It is tiny in size but still provides 100+ sprays which makes it a budget-friendly hand sanitizer compared to other brand’s hand sanitizers.

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Just spray it on your hands, rub your hands gently and you are done. Savlon hand sanitizer is looking the same as a pen so that you can carry it all day long with yourself without getting annoyed. It also looks amazing in your hands because of its unique design. If you are looking for the best compact and tiny hand sanitizer then this is all you need.

7. Himalaya Pure Hands – Green Apple

himalaya hand sanitizer

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Himalaya’s products are always the best in the market and the Himalaya Pure Hands Green Apple hand sanitizer is only one of its kind. It protects you from 99.9% of germs without using any soap and water. It is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and the World Health Organization recommends using alcohol-based hands sanitizer to protect yourself from COVID 19.

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Apart from bacteria, this hand sanitizer prevents itching and rashes from your skin and hands. It is 100% safe to use and has no side effects.

8. Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer Spray

Godrej Protekt hand sanitizer

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The Godrej Protekt is nonalcohol based hand sanitizer. It is good for those who don’t want to use alcohol-based products like my parents. It is an ideal hand sanitizer spray for kids and parents. The design of this sanitizer is the same as a body spray. You just need to press the head and spray the liquid on your hand.

Good thing is that it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is purely made from organic materials. It is not just another hand sanitizer but more than that. Each spray protects your skin for up to 8 hours. You will get around 200 sprays in each bottle which is pretty decent and you don’t need to replace your hand sanitizer too often.

Also, the body of this sanitizer is recyclable and environment friendly which makes is an ideal choice.

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Final Verdict

So it was the post about the best hand sanitizer in India to protect from COVID 19. However, there are many more to mention. If you think we have missed anything in this post then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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