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Best Website To Order Flower Online In India

Flowers are the most beautiful thing that exists on this earth. Even when we talk about flowers we feel joy and we smile. Isn’t it? Flowers are full of life and bring so much fragrance, beauty, and happiness in our lives. In Indian culture, flowers play a vital role. In earlier times people used to decorate their houses with flowers; still today during special occasions we use flowers. Flowers are a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and fragrance. Even in temples and during poojas flowers are used. And gifting flowers to someone adds sunshine to their joy. Flowers bouquets look so beautiful and appealing, even a 1000 bug gift fails.

Top 10 Best Websites To Order Flower Online In India

But nowadays we have become so lazy to go to a florist to buy flowers or bouquets. Moreover, we are way lazier to go to someone and give those beautiful flowers. So what can be done in this case? And the answer lies with the internet. The Internet and mobile are always there for our rescue in every silly or difficult situation. Online flowers or bouquet bookings can solve our problems. Just a click and the fresh, beautiful flowers will get delivered to our lives. On the internet, you will find tons of websites that claim to be the best in the market. 

In today’s world, we cannot trust anybody blindly. For this, I will help you out. After checking so many websites, I found out some best ones for you. So, I have come up today with a list of top 10 best websites to order flowers in India. Now another question that you will ask is how I selected them? So I considered a few main factors, which are:

  • Timely delivery
  • Quality of flowers
  • Price range

Here Are The List Of Top 10 Best Website To Order Flower Online In India

Website NameVisit
PhoolwalaVisit Phoolwala
Flower auraVisit Flower Aura
City flowersVisit City flowers
My flower treeVisit My flower tree
Ferns N petalsVisit Ferns N petals
Flowers and gift onlineVisit Flowers and gift online
Goenka FloristVisit Goenka Florist
Shamun's flowersVisit Shamun's flowers
Gift CartVisit Gift Cart

This was just a list of best 10 websites where you can order flowers online in India. Going further in the article I will provide you with detailed information about these apps. So stay tuned till the end of this article.

1. Phoolwala:

Visit Phoolwala

The topper of my list of Phoolwala. It is a trusted and most amazing platform to book flowers online in India. The interface is very simple, with no extra tabs or things to confuse the customers.

  • The official website is Visit the website from any browser of your mobile or PC.
  • Phoolwala aims at providing delivery on the same day of order.
  • It has an option to deliver flowers at midnight, in case, you want to surprise someone on birthdays or anniversaries.
  • There are different filters also, like price range, type of flower, the color of flowers, occasion, etc.
  • The price range is decent and their quality is commendable.
  • The website accepts all kinds of online payments.
  • Not only flowers, but they have also now started delivering cakes and other gift items. So order it from your phone and send your love to your loved ones.
  • Phoolwala operates in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata Chandigarh, etc.

2. Flower aura:

Visit Flower Aura

 Next in my list is Flower aura. The name itself brings an aromatic aura of beautiful flowers. They have designed their website very beautifully.

  • is the official website.
  • Flower aura provides fresh and beautiful flowers and bouquets on the same day they are ordered.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of flowers. You can select according to your budget.
  • Currently, they are providing a delivery facility in Pan India.
  • Along with the bouquets, you can send chocolates and cakes also.
  • If you are sending flowers to someone special, you can even dedicate a song to them with beautiful flowers.


3. City flowers:

Visit City Flowers

City flowers feel like a whole city is covered with aromatic flowers. So this my next great option to order flowers online. This website is growing in India at a good speed for the last 5 years.

  • The official website of City flowers is
  • City flowers had a very smooth interface.
  • They also do same-day delivery.
  • They have a wide variety of different bouquets and flowers based on a special occasion.
  • Along with the flowers you can also send some gifts to your loved ones through City flowers.
  • Recently it has now options to add candies, chocolates, fruit baskets, etc., With your bouquet.
  • City flowers have a pan India delivery. Hence they advise you to order in advance.


4. My Flower Tree:

Visit My Flower Tree

Another best flower booking website in India is My flower tree. This website has gained a good market in a very short period.

  • Visit the website on
  • On this website, you can choose bouquets according to the occasion, price, flowers, etc., by using relevant filters.
  • This website also offers same-day delivery.
  • It accepts payments through online media such as net banking, UPI, credit cards, or debit cards.
  • They do provide all India delivery options. 


5. Ferns N petals:

Visit Ferns n petals

 Here comes one more website where you can easily book flowers. This website is loaded with amazing features, which makes it unique. This website has been in the market since 1994.

  • Check out the official website of Ferns N petals, i.e.,
  • It is a globally renowned company and works well over India in major cities with a same-day delivery option.
  • On the website, you can apply different filters like occasion, those of flower, price, etc., to choose the bouquet you want.
  • Along with flowers, you can send chocolates, cakes, sweets and much more.
  • As per their recent update, they have included artificial flowers and gifts too.
  • They accept the online mode of payments.

6. Flowers and gift online:

Visit Flowers and Gift online

Now next we have Flowers and gift online. This website is growing not only within India, but extending its market globally.

  • Visit the website through
  • The main advantage of this website is that they do all national and international deliveries.
  • The best part is they work with local florists of India.
  • They provide same-day delivery in India. But for this, you need to order before 3 p.m.
  • You can choose bouquets according to the occasion, like birthdays, parties, festivals, etc.
  • Online payments are accepted here.
  • All the bouquets are hand made and of the finest quality.

7. Goenka Florist:

Visit Goenka florist

Next in the list of best flower selling websites, we have Goenka florist. Goenka Florist is a well-established company that is functional from the past few years with a good customer base.

  • is the website, that you can check.
  • They have delivered across different cities of India including, Hyderabad, Cuttack, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, etc.
  • Goenka Florist provides same-day delivery of the order is booked before 2 p.m.
  • Along with the beautiful flowers, you can also send sweets, chocolates, cakes, dry fruits, fruits, small gift items, etc. through Goenka florist.

8. Shamun’s flowers:

Visit shamun's flowers

Shamun’s flowers are one option to purchase flowers and bouquets online. Shamun’s flowers had a very smooth and user-friendly website that can be easily accessed by everyone. This is new in the market but the collection is amazing.

  • Visit the official website
  • They have a beautiful collection of flowers to choose from.
  • Their price range is very affordable.
  • The only thing is that they have deliveries only in Mumbai and Pune.
  • Online payments are accepted.

9. Gift Cart:

Visit Giftcart

 Another website for online flowers booking is Gift cart. Gift cart is one of the best websites to order flowers and bouquets online. The interface of the website is very simple yet very pleasing.

  • Check out the website.
  • On the Gift cart, there is a wide variety of flowers including some beautiful exotic flowers that you can gift someone on special occasions.
  • Their bouquets are very well made. You can choose from different types of vases too.
  • Online payment is accepted on the website.
  • They have the same day and midnight delivery options.

10. IGP:

Visit IGP

Last night not least, IGP. IGP is also an online website to order flowers in India. Through this website, you can gift fresh and beautiful flowers to your loved ones.

  • Go to
  • IGP does same-day delivery in orders booked before 3 p.m.
  • It has a national and international delivery option.
  • Here you can book personalized bouquets for your special ones.
  • They have different options and filters that will help you in making your decision.
  • Online payments are accepted here.

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So this was my list of top 10 best websites to order flowers online in India. All these websites accept payments through online mode. You can use any of them off you want to gift bouquets or flowers to your loved ones. Hope you liked the article.