Top 20 Best Ludo Earning Apps In India Without Investment

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20 Best Ludo Earning Apps In India Without Investment

Are you a student who is concerned about how to support yourself financially? You can gain financial independence by working while attending university. In addition to the obvious benefit of providing for your loved ones, working and earning money has many additional advantages, such as teaching you the value of a dollar and the need to manage your time effectively. What about games, do you like to play them? To a large extent, yes. Have you ever imagined that you could play Ludo to unwind and win money simultaneously? You have just heard the truth!

Since then, technology has advanced, and we no longer play board games but instead engage in digital simulations. We no longer play Ludo with our friends and family as we did as kids, sitting around a table with anything from two to four players. The demand for ludo apps has skyrocketed as more and more people take to playing the game on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Millions of individuals like playing Ludo. The icing on the cake is a prize pool of Rs. 10 lakh Paytm cash, which you may win using the finest Ludo earning apps. In this article you will get to know Best Ludo Earning Apps in India and Best Ludo Earning App in India without Investment

What is Ludo Earning Apps ?

Playing Ludo Games online or with friends or multiplayer games to earn more and more free PayTM Cash is the most acceptable way to Make Money Online in India. Most of the best ludo-earning apps now enable you to cash out your earnings immediately, and some even have bonus offers for adding money to your wallet while you do it.

Play Ludo online with up to four players against the computer, friends, or even strangers from around the world for a chance to win real money with PayTM Wallet. Get paid to play Ludo games online, join a Ludo group to play the best Ludo earning apps on your device with other players, and broaden your social circle.

You can invite your friends to play the New Ludo Games, which have modes including “Classic,” “Quick,” “2 vs. 2,” “4 vs. 4,” “Multiplayer,” and “Magic.” Get together with your pals and play a round of Super Ludo apps in India live. Enjoy the world’s quickest Ludo board right here. Ludo-like games are a type of strategy board game.

How To Play Ludo Earning App And Earn Extra Money?

To win the Ludo app game, you must return to your house before your opponents. Players can choose from various game modes, including classic, rapid, and multiplayer, to compete against each other and win cash prizes. You can also set up a private room or table and invite your friends to join you.

In the Ludo app, your chances of winning increase the more you play. You can use the bonus money you get from signing up for some ludo applications to play ludo games.

Top 20 Best Ludo Earring  Apps in India without Investment

Best Ludo Earning Apps

1. Playerzpot ludo 

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Playerzpot is currently at the forefront of the industry as a popular sports fantasy app. It is considered to be the Best Ludo Earning Apps without investment. This app is among the best since it includes everything a user may want, including the ability to withdraw money, personalized customer support, referral bonuses, high bonus leagues, zero commission pots, a refund on points clashes, and withdrawals by Bank and Paytm, among other things.

Playerzpot EWar Games – Play Ludo provides users with access to a wide choice of fantasy leagues in the sports of cricket, football, and basketball. It provides a convenient withdrawal procedure, with instant withdrawals being available at all times for low fees and normal withdrawals taking only 24 hours.

Download PlayerzPot Ludo 

2. Ludo Empire

about ludo empire

This legit and top-tier app offers entertaining opportunities to win cash prizes. It has approximately 4.3 million registered users, which is growing rapidly. It is considered as without investment Ludo App

When you sign up for the service for the first time, you receive a welcome bonus of Rs10. There are several features in Ludo Empire, including multiple game modes, war, counter mode, fair play, and a global leaderboard. Payments can be made to the Ludo emperor by UPI or bank transfer. With this method, users of Ludo Empire can withdraw their funds immediately.

Download Ludo Empire App

3. Rush

play free online games to earn money

You can play a variety of activities in the Rush app, including carrom, quizzes, and Ludo. You can play these games for financial gain. It is considered as Best Ludo Earning Apps Signing up for this app will earn you 20 rupees. If your friends download it using your referral link, you’ll receive 10 rupees. Withdrawals can be made by either the UPI or a bank transfer. A VIP system is built into this app, where you may receive exclusive discounts and gifts.

Download Rush App

4. GameZy

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When it comes to ludo apps, this is among the very finest. The GameZy app is a great way to make some extra cash. If you download the app using the provided link and enter the referral code, GamZy will give you 100 Indian rupees. It is known as Best Ludo Earning Apps without Investment.

You can play Ludo or many other games, including role-playing games, card games, and fantasy board games. Today is a great day to make money playing any of these games. This is the real deal, a tried and true app. The famous Indian cricketer KL Rahul endorses it.

You can earn rewards by referring your friends to the GameZy app. By recommending this app to your contacts, you can increase your earnings. You can increase your tips by playing this app more often. The GameZy app supports two primary forms of payment: UPI and Bank transfer. Everyone is a valid option for wiring funds to your bank account.

Download Gamezy App

5. EWar Games

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We present yet another game to you to further your gaming-based financial independence. There are a plethora of games available. It is known as Best Ludo Earning App.

This site has a plethora of options. Plenty of games, from Ludo to fantasy board games, are available here. Payout is made right away into your bank account. The ability to make a withdrawal with this app for as little as a dollar is a huge plus.

The smallest withdrawal amount in the EWar app is 10 rupees, and there is no maximum withdrawal amount. Users can make withdrawals through Paytm, UPI, or a bank transfer.

Download EWar Games App

6. Ludo League


The Ludo league offers a wide selection of games as well. You can make money by participating in any of these games you enjoy.

Each new user who downloads the Ludo League app through the link receives 25 rupees as a welcome gift. The first is using a payment system like UPI or a bank transfer.

Download Ludo League App

7. Ludo Ninja

To continue our discussion of genuine and legitimate apps, let’s look at ludo ninja, an app that helps users make money by playing Ludo.

You can earn as much as 100 Indian Rupees by recommending this software to your friends. Increasing your referral count will increase your earnings. It is listed in Best Ludo Earning App.

The best part is that you may get that 1 rupee transferred directly into your bank account by UPI or a regular bank transfer. With this software, you can instantly deposit funds into your bank account.

Download Ludo Ninja App

8. Ludo King

In India, this app has garnered the most incredible attention. There are fifty hundred million users of this software. The ludo king app has several options. It works fine when you’re not connected to the internet, too. There are various game types, and the app’s straightforward design means that virtually anyone can pick it up and start having fun immediately. Using the Ludo King app, you can choose from three withdrawal methods: Paytm wallet, UPI, or bank transfer.

Download Ludo King App

9. Ludo Fantasy


I want to suggest another app for making money by playing ludo games. It’s not a scam, and the software pays you for using it. There are a plethora of game options to choose from in this app. This app can train with a bot and improve your performance.

Let’s move on to its available payment methods. Withdrawals can be made using UPI or bank transfer. It is considered as Best Ludo Earning App without Investment. 

Download Ludo Fantasy App 

10. Skill Ludo

real money earning game

Here’s another legitimate app that can help you make extra cash by playing games online, especially if you’re good at games like Ludo. After installing it for the first time, you’ll receive 25 rs in free cash as a welcome bonus. You can use this to make even more money if you have an extensive network of followers or friends.

Refer your friends to this app, and you can earn up to 100 rupees just for doing so. Withdrawals start at 100 rs. Withdraw funds from this app via UPI or a bank transfer.

Download Skill Ludo App

11. Real 11

Famous for its fantasy cricket and football games, Real11 is a top Ludo earning app. However, the app’s creators have incorporated a few new enhancements due to user feedback. Kabaddi and Ludo are two games that have recently been added to the app.

In the past, famous batsman Gautam Gambhir has represented the Real11 app. Customers receive Rs. Fifty just for signing up, and an additional Rs. Afterward, you can utilize these funds to play any fantasy or Ludo game via this app.

The bare minimum to make a withdrawal is 200 rupees. The daily withdrawal limit is Rs. 50,000. However, for each withdrawal transaction, the platform charges a fee of Rs. 10. To sum up, Real11 is the best Ludo software for making money with no initial outlay. It is the Best Ludo Earning App without Investment.

Download Real11 App 

12. MPL Live

People throughout the world agree: this app reigns supreme. You may be sure that your money is safe with us because it is 100% authentic. Virat Kohli, an Indian cricketer, endorses the Mpl live app.

The most valuable features of its new member bonus. The first time you sign up for Mpl Live, you’ll receive 75 rupees as a welcome gift. As well as Ludo, you may use it to play other games and win money.

You may also increase your earnings by referring your friends to the MPL live app. If you refer your friends, you can earn up to 75 rupees. With quick payment available via Paytm, UPI, or bank transfer.

Download MPL Live App

13. Ludo Tez

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Try this new ludo game app if you’re looking for a new way to pass the time and make some extra cash, but you’ve already exhausted all of the game’s content. You’ll receive a welcome bonus of 5 rupees when installing it. Make some additional cash by recommending this software to others. It is considered Best Ludo Earning App in India

For each person you mention who makes a purchase, you will receive 10. The ability to withdraw with as little as a dollar is an excellent feature of this app. Using UPI, Paytm, or a bank transfer, you can make a withdrawal as small as 10 rupees using this app. It is considered as Best Ludo Earning App in India.

Download Ludo Tez App


14. Ludo Premium

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The Ludo Premium app is another excellent option for making money with the classic game. Among the apps we’ve tested, this one is tops. The Ludo Premium app has a generous signup incentive of 10 rupees, and successful referrals earn an additional 15 rupees. If you have an extensive network of similarly interested people in this app, you can make a limitless amount of money from it. I like how quickly money can be withdrawn from the service and deposited into a bank account through UPI or a bank transfer. It is another Best Ludo Earning App .

Download Ludo Premium App

15. India Ludo

When looking for a great place to play Ludo online, go no further than India Ludo. Like the others on this list, this software has a simple layout that makes it easy to use. Therefore, first-time users will have no trouble learning how to navigate this software. If you want to play India Ludo, use the code KqzvaVTS as your recommendation. The minimum withdrawal cost is Rs. 300, which is the only real drawback of this app.

There is the option to play with strangers, or you can make a private area for yourself and your pals. This software is perfect for you if you’re looking for a way to have a fantastic gaming experience and make some quick cash simultaneously.

Download India Ludo App

16. OneTo11

When it comes to playing Ludo online and winning huge cash rewards, the best money-making app, OneTo11, is your best bet. The massive Rs. 100 signup bonus offered by the OneTo11 app has made it extremely popular among users. Not only that but making money by telling others about the app is virtually limitless. The platform’s referral code is INAA3G8E.

The beauty of these applications is that you do not need to be a dedicated gamer to make money with them. Games like Ludo that are simple to pick up and play can be found across all the available options and can be used to make quick, real-world currency gains.

Download OneTo11 App

17. Indian Ludo

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Here’s yet another version of the most downloaded software in India—Ludo. This software features many game options and can be played in a closed room with a group of pals. Using this program, you may make a new, secure space and invite only the individuals you wish to join. Moreover, a wide variety of other add-ons can be downloaded and investigated. Withdrawals can be made using UPI or bank transfer, with a minimum of 300 rupees.

Download Indian Ludo App 

18. Ludo Supreme

ludo supreme homepage

You can make some additional cash with this, another great app. Over a million people have signed up to play on Ludo Supreme. Plenty of multiplayer modes are available in this game. The app’s signup bonus ranges from 5 to 10 rupees, which users can then spend on Ludo. Those who are particularly adept at ludo games may choose to download this software quickly and monetize their talents. Money can be withdrawn from the Ludo Supreme app by UPI or a bank transfer. It is on the list of Best Ludo Earning Apps.

Download Ludo Supreme App

19. Elite Ludo


If any, apps have misled you by failing to deliver the promised monetary rewards. Having no fear! With Elite Ludo, players don’t have to worry about anything because the service always delivers as promised. Gaining access to your hard-earned cash couldn’t be easier than with this app, which provides real-time earnings and immediate payouts. The suite of games available on the platform goes well beyond simple dice games. As a result, it will be regarded as one of the most successful Ludo apps in India.

The app’s most prominent feature is that you can play against real people. The games on this site are played only by real people. When you sign up using the app and input the referral code, you’ll receive Rs. 5 in your Paytm wallet or bank account. The minimum to participate is Rs. 25, so be prepared to part with an extra Rs. More friends referred means a more significant referral incentive for you (Rs. 5 per referral).

Download Elite Ludo App 

20. Ludo Cash

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This software is fantastic, and I use it all the time because of how much fun it is. When you join this app, you’ll receive 10 rupees, and if you refer a friend, you’ll receive another 10rs. Aside from having a unique playing mode, this app also allows for in-app talking with pals, eliminating the need to transfer to a separate app for communication. So, it’s your call which one you play.

Download Ludo Cash App