Airtel Free 1GB Internet: Give Missed Call & Get 1GB Free Internet

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Airtel Free 1GB Internet

Airtel is one of the biggest running companies in terms of Network and calling. Most of the people use airtel network as their host. Why? Because airtel has never failed to make, its customers dissatisfied with their services and various offers including airtel free 1gb internet that they launch to please their customers. And try to be the forerunner in this game.

Recently Airtel has come up with a new exciting plan of airtel free internet. Let us understand what it is and features.

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All About Airtel Free Internet?

Airtel is offering 10GB 4G running network internet free of cost. Yes, you read it right, you have to pay nothing not a single penny from your pocket to get this offer running on your phone. This promotional offer airtel free 1gb internet is valid only for a limited period, so take advantage of being an airtel user. Also, these kinds of special and big offers are not launched every month or week.

Airtel Free Internet Missed Call Numbers

Sr. No.Airtel Data BenefitsAirtel Free Internet Number
1.Airtel Free Data 28 GB125346
2.10 GB Free Airtel Data5999555
3.Airtel Free Data 10GB51111
4.2 Gb Free Airtel 4G Data52122

How Can You Claim Free Airtel 1GB Internet 

It is quite a simple process that will not consume much of your time. As many of you might be thinking that during these days of lockdown, how could one claim this offer without any recharge center open. The offer could be claimed in two ways, either by downloading the air-tel app or messaging on the number’s provide on the website.

Steps To Get Airtel Free 1GB Internet Data 

The information, I will be sharing with you are all lawfully valid and authorized by the air-tel company themselves. Remember there will be no money/balance deduction from your phone number, and if your offer does not get displayed on your screen or the air-tel app, then your phone is not compatible with the offer.

Through Airtel TV App 

Download the air-tel app from your available app installing the platform. Air-tel tv app is free over every place. As soon as you open your air-tel app, your offer will pop up on the home screen of the app. Remember this offer could be only availed by on the first time downloader of the air-tel tv app.

Through Calling 

There are numerous of offers going on, to get free internet.

  1. Free 10 GB data, you just have to miss call on 125346.
  2. Free 28 GB data give a miss call at 51111.
  3. Dial 52122 to get free 2GB air-tel 4G data.
  4. Dial 51111 to get free 1 GB air-tel 4G data.

Through Message

  • For this create a text message with typing “SURPRISE”, send it to 121 to get free 60 GB free data. 
  • After you have availed the offer by either one of the methods, you will hey a success message of declaring, informing you about 10 GB daily 4G data-free. 
  • Do check your balance my air-tel app, enjoy the exclusive offer. 
  • Always make sure that you consume this 4G data of 1 GB given daily in the 4g enabled mode only. 

Terms and conditions 

  • A timed lap of 1 hour could be there, to provide you with the confirmation of the offer.
  • These offers are only for the air-tel Network registered holders.
  • Airtel is the sole body behind these offers. Therefore, they could discontinue these offers at any time.
  • 1 GB 4GB data is available for any individual to consume within the period of the next 28 days.
  • The offers are only available in the 4G compatible mobile phones only.

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